When you finally make it home after being on the road, the last thing you’re going to want to do is go shopping for tools. By keeping your garage RV ready, you’ll be ready to make a pit stop before continuing your journey.

The best part? You’ll be able to take these items with you on the road!

Below you’ll find the 5 vital items you need in your garage for your RV.

1. Air Compressor

If you’re on the road, you’re already checking the pressure of your RV tires daily. When your garage is stocked with an air compressor, you won’t need to worry about finding an air pump. 

You should look to invest in one that’s also portable so you can take it with you. A tire pressure gauge is also a necessity, you’ll save not just on your time, but on your money as well. Make sure you’re prepared for any obstacle that comes in your way.

2. Trailer Valet RVR12

When you’re ready to park your RV trailer, the RVR12 can help you do that remotely. You’ll be able to control your trailer up to 40ft away and park your RV in the right spot. You won’t have any guess work to do as you can monitor it from the comfort of your front yard.

Doing it manually will end up costing you precious time and energy. Why not make your life a bit easier with the RVR12?

3. Impact Wrench

An impact wrench will help you remove any stuck bolts. If you pick up an air compressor, you can also utilize an air powered impact wrench so you won’t need to charge your tools. It’ll help you in a jam when you have a stuck bolt and need to change a tire. 

4. Screwdriver and Wrench Kit

You never know the size screwdriver you’ll need when a repair comes up suddenly. By having all the screwdriver sizes, you won’t need to head down to the hardware store for a simple repair. The best part is you can take them along with you during your travels.

It’s also a good idea to get a wrench kit as well. Wrenches are a vital part of your garage’s RV toolkit. Make sure they’re adjustable so you can carry less with you if need be.

5. Heavy Duty Cleaning Supplies

When you come back after a long journey, your RV is bound to have accumulated tons of gunk from your travels. A long handled stiff brush, wash gloves, polish and wax will go a long way.

You’re going to want to extend the life of your RV and cleaning it is a great step in doing so. Be mindful and always read the instructions of the cleaning materials you’re using (such as black streak cleaner) as they have specific instructions that need to be followed closely.

6. Space Heater

If your garage gets cold, you can find the best electric garage heater 120v solution out there. Not only can you utilize this in your garage, you can take it with you in your RV.

Since RVs are a closed space, you won’t want to use anything other than a space heater. It’s important that you keep safety in mind and purchase one with safety features that turn the device off if anything should go wrong.