Spending a cold afternoon weaving your way through a corn maze screams fall. Most of these Midwest mazes feature extra fun activities like pumpkin fields and apple picking, if you can manage to find your way out of the maze. It’s one of the best adventures you can have in the fall and definitely something you should try with your family. Here are the best corn mazes you can visit this fall. 

8 Best Corn Mazes To Visit In The Fall

Treinen Farm in Wisconsin

Treinen Farm Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch

Treinen Farm is Wisconsin’s largest corn maze, spanning 15 acres. It’s also a lengthy and perilous journey. In previous years, the routes on this trip have varied in length from four to six miles, so be sure you’re up for a challenge before setting off. However, there is enough entertainment along the route to make this “climb” worthwhile. Prizes may be found in secret areas around the maze if you’re lucky enough to locate them. For all you zombie fans out there, this farm organizes Zompocalypse every year, a zombie-filled night. If sprinting through a corn maze at night while being pursued by zombies is your idea of fun, this is the place for you.

Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Glove, Illinois

Richardson Adventure Farm

On this farm, not one, not two, not three, but four different mazes are located across the farm’s 33 acres of corn fields. It was anticipated that you might want assistance along the route, therefore the experts who designed this building included 24 secret checkpoints to assist you in staying on track. Keep an eye out for those checkpoints, since you’re going to need them later on in the journey. There are also other activities available on the farm, such as a pumpkin patch and a zipline.

Maze Craze in Ohio

Maze Craze Corn Maze

Maze Craze is a 21-acre maze complex that contains four mazes in one. This year’s design features a finely carved representation of Snow White, as well as the Wicked Queen, Dopey the dwarf, and a squirrel, who happens to be one of Snow White’s forest pals, among other characters. Visitors can finish all four mazes, which include checkpoints and interactive activities in each of the four areas they visit. The squirrel labyrinth is only 0.6 miles long and is ideal for younger members of the party. The section of the maze depicting Snow White, the poisoned apple, and the Wicked Queen has 4.6 miles of pathways and is more difficult for the more experienced members of the group. Following the completion of the labyrinth, there are hayrides, a pumpkin patch, a kids zipline, and other activities to enjoy.

Louisburg Cider Mill in Kansas

Louisburg Cider Mill

What started out as a little roadside apple shop in 1977 has grown into the Louisburg Cider Mill, a must-see destination in northeast Kansas. With food trucks and live music every weekend at the mill, as well as a huge country store brimming with seasonal goods, the mill is especially vibrant during the fall season. Make your way to the 10-acre corn maze, which has been carved into a charming image of flowers and bees for this year, with the words “bee kind” written into the corn for your enjoyment. On the way out, take a hayride through the 10-acre pumpkin patch to cap out a great fall afternoon.

Cool Patch Pumpkins in California

Cool Patch Pumpkins in California

There is no doubt that this corn maze is the largest in the world. It was built by Matt and Mark Cooley and it has a total area of 53 acres. You can be certain that you will become disoriented at some point throughout your journey through this behemoth of a maze.

This maze is so large, in fact, that corporate sponsors such as Starbucks and Ford have paid for checkpoints scattered throughout the maze, allowing travelers to determine how far they’ve strayed from the path and how much longer they’ll have to wait until they can get another refill of their Pumpkin Spice Latte before giving up.

Pinter’s Pumpkin Patch in Iowa

Pinter’s Pumpkin Patch in Iowa

Located in northeast Iowa, Pinter’s Gardens and Pumpkins has been providing tourists with a range of agricultural entertainment activities since 2011. These activities include a pumpkin patch, apple orchard, and a 7-acre corn maze. There are numerous dead ends, and there is only one real path through the maze. You could even come face to face with Pac-Man himself, or one of the nagging ghosts that plague him. You may purchase cupcakes in flavors like mint dream, pumpkin, and Heath English toffee once you’ve finished the maze at the local bakery.

Exploration Acres in Indiana

Exploration Acres in Indiana

When you visit Exploration Acres, you may want to schedule a full day because there is so much to do. One of the main attractions here is launching a corn cannon that shoots corn cobs 500 feet into the air while using compressed air. You can also bury your significant other under a mountain of straw. The primary attraction of the Exploration Acres is the carved 22-acre corn labyrinth with over 10 miles of trails.

New Salem Corn Maze in Michigan

New Salem Corn Maze in Michigan

At the New Salem Corn Maze, there are two mazes: one for daylight exploration and another for Halloween frights when the sun goes down. The maze for daytime adventure is shaped like a ghost and a pumpkin. During the nighttime hours of sunset to 11 p.m., the 13-acre maze, which has been cut into the shape of a ghost pirate ship, transforms into an outdoor haunted house complete with moving floors and special effects, fog, and a large number of horror-movie quality performers. If you’re searching for an even more horrifying experience, head to Witches Woods. It contains two pathways that wind through the neighboring woods, as well as a slew of patients who have recently escaped from a psychiatric institution for the criminally insane. Now they are loose and out to “get” you.

Fall camping in the Midwest is one of the nicest time of year because of the cooler temperature, changing foliage, and lack of crowds in the campsites. Prior to setting up camp, make sure to visit one of these fun corn mazes and bring home some tasty fall delicacies to enjoy over the campfire with your friends.