An awning screen room for RVs is ideal for expanding the usable space in your RV while also letting you and your family enjoy the great outdoors without being exposed to inclement weather.

Although RVs are usually big vehicles with lots of living space, especially when compared to a car or van, they may get claustrophobic after a while. You can add a lot of extra living space to your RV by purchasing a screen room that connects to your awning, but there are a few things to think about before you go out and buy an RV awning screen room.

RV awning screen rooms are room enclosures that connect to an RV’s existing awning to insulate the area from pests, uncomfortable heat, and rain, making it more habitable.

How Does An RV Awning Screen Room Work?

Awning screen rooms connect to your RV’s existing awning to create a covered space off the side of your camper. They’re often composed of a screen-like material and may be used for a multitude of purposes, including cooking, reading, storing things, and a range of other leisure activities.

What Are The Advantages Of An RV Awning Screen Room

One of the main advantages of screen room awnings is that they keep insects out of your sitting area while simultaneously expanding your living space. Because it’s better ventilated and easier to clean than an indoor kitchen, it might also be used for grilling or cooking.

 If you’re at an RV park or similar public place where you don’t want to feel as exposed to prying eyes, it also gives a layer of seclusion. An RV awning screen room also provides basic weather protection, ensuring that you don’t receive direct sunshine or rain when sitting outdoors; a good screen will also tolerate wind.

5 Best RV Awning Screen Rooms

Vacation’r Screen Room for Carefree Awnings

Vacation'r Screen Room for Carefree Awnings

There is no need to drill holes in your coach since the Vacation’r Room can be attached to your existing awning without the need of any equipment. It comes with a separate front panel zipper insert that fits into an open slot in the awning roller tub and has three loops. The front panel hooks onto loops on the zippered insert for simple zipper alignment while attaching the front panel to the insert. Using an innovative strap and clip mechanism, the room side panels attach to the awning tube and awning rail. The canopy clamps on side panels to enhance awning to the side panel seal, while the tall skirting and wheel well filler provide coverage for the open regions beneath your RV. It’s composed of lightweight polyester tent material and weighs about half as much as traditional vinyl add-on rooms. The Vacation’r Screen room ranges in price from $872 to $959.

Solera Family Room

Solera Family Room

You can add a room of up to 160 square feet under your awning with the Solera Family Room, so you can enjoy meals and other activities without being bothered by irritating insects. All-weather panels on this awning screen room can be rolled down to provide a snug sleeping area or extra living space. The Solera Family room is constructed of a light gray cloth that goes with any RV color scheme. Most manual and electric awnings from 10′ to 21′ may be accommodated in the Solera family room, with awning rail-to-ground measurements up to 130″. The cost of this awning screen room ranges from $834 to $973.

Carefree Buena Vista Room

Carefree 212000A Buena Vista Plus 20' Room

The Carefree Buena Vista Room is lightweight, portable, and quick to put up in about 15 minutes. Without drilling or permanent attachments, the ends of the Buena Vista Room lock up securely to the vehicle and the roller or awning container. You can easily connect it to your current patio awning without the need of any equipment. The clear weather-view zippered panels on the exterior keep rain out, while the support rafters retain a taut canopy and the chamber stays sealed up tight. The interior zippered panels give privacy, and the door may be mounted on the right or left side. This awning includes an easy-to-use wall seal and is simple to set up and take down when you’re ready to go. The Carefree Buena Vista RV Awning Room is priced between $1,046 and $1,299.

Dometic Veranda Room

Dometic 930008.130 White Patty O'Room Awning Sunscreen

Your manual or motorized RV awning converts into a cozy screened-in enclosure that protects you from flying insects and gives you additional living space with the Dometic Veranda room. Without the need of any extra tools, the setup is quick and simple. You can simply hang the panels and zip them together, then position the door on each end. You have the option of covering the full awning or only a section of it. For further privacy, the awning incorporates built-in roll-down panels and a patent-pending roller tube clamp that removes the need to drill holes in the roller tubes. It’s composed of a tough, non-flammable 10 oz. white vinyl fabric that repels moisture and dries rapidly to keep mildew at bay. This awning costs between $119 and $139.

Trim Line Screen Room

DOMETIC 944NT11.002 Trim Line Awning - 11', Azure Linen Fade

The Dometic Trim Line screen room is an excellent method to increase your living area at a low cost. This awning’s sole drawback is that it can only be linked to a Trim Line awning. A stylish, nonflammable fine-mesh polyester screen is included in the high-quality construction, and it’s intended for a snug and secure fit. When not in use, the Dometic Trim Line screen room is simple to set up and store. It can be used to convert your Trim Line awning into a screened-in patio in minutes, allowing you to wave goodbye to annoying pests and flying insects whether dining, sleeping, or simply resting. This RV Awning screen room costs between $799 and $1,699.

An RV awning screen room is an excellent addition for your entire family because it adds to the available living space of your RV. It is also a versatile room which can be used for sleeping, dining, and relaxing without the possibility of insects bothering you. Getting the best RV awning screen room will surely improve your entire camping experience and allow you to enjoy your RV vacation even more.