Many boat owners choose to go with vinyl material for their boat because it’s one of the most durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Even though it’s durable, it can still be damaged by the sun’s UV rays, dirt, mold, and mildew. As time passes by, the vinyl material may start cracking and fading if it’s not maintained properly which is why you need a special cleaning product or a boat vinyl cleaner.

What is a Boat Vinyl Cleaner

Boat vinyl cleaners are cleaning products designed using a special formula that removes dirt and offers a vinyl protective layer against the sun. Aside from UV protection it is also great at removing stains and can even act as a mildew stain remover.

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Benefits of Boat Vinyl Cleaners

Boat vinyl cleaners are amazing because they can maintain the beautiful look of your boat for much longer. The weather conditions and the saltwater are tough on any material, even vinyl, but if you regularly use a cleaner for your boat it will take longer to lose the shiny look. These cleaners are also repellent to dirt and grime and offer UV protection. Sometimes using the right boat vinyl cleaner can restore the color of your boat interior. Another great feature about this product is that it acts as a vinyl rubber cleaner as well.


M5716SP Marine Vinyl Cleaner

A cleaner that comes from a renowned company on the boat market. Meguiar’s is a manufacturer of some of the best products and they use high-quality ingredients that can give your boat a shiny new look. It’s a very good product that doesn’t just clean the vinyl but also offers protection afterward. You can clean your boat seat and use it as a vinyl rubber cleaner too. This cleaner is very easy to use thanks to the spray bottle packaging. One thing to note about this product is that you need a place that will have a good ventilation system because it has a strong chemical odor that may bother some people.

M-3916 M39 Vinyl Cleaner

This product from Meguiar’s is mainly used for removing heavy-duty stains. The ingredients in it are more aggressive when it comes to cleaning and it’s not limited to vinyl surfaces. It can also be used for cleaning plastic, rubber, and urethane surfaces. This cleaner is very easy to use and removes the stains very quickly. It’s like a magic eraser for stubborn stains that will not go away. One thing to note about this boat vinyl cleaner is that it struggles to remove the wax residue.

Star Brite

Mold and Mildew Stain Remover

Mold and mildew are very common for boats because they are exposed to harsh weather conditions all the time. The Star Brite mold and mildew stain remover is highly effective and safe despite the intense chemical ingredients in it. This cleaner is made using a formula that can easily get rid of grease, grime, mold, and mildew. The bottle design is very convenient which makes it easy to use even for first-time users. The strength of the ingredients in the formula makes the cleaning even easier and doesn’t require hard scrubbing for the boat’s vinyl surfaces. When you use the cleaner on a stain, wait at least 30 seconds for it to take effect before you start rinsing. This product can also be used for cleaning vinyl upholstery, drywall, fiberglass, wood, and acrylic fabrics. One thing to note is that it’s not recommended to be used on clothing, indoor fabrics, and painted surfaces.

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Vinyl Cleaner, Polish and Protectant

This product from Star Brite has a triple effect on your vinyl surfaces. It cleans them, polishes them, and offers extra protection from the elements. You will appreciate the shiny look of your boat after using the vinyl cleaner. One feature that stands out is the protection from stains, mildew, dust and on top of that, it adds an extra coating to vinyl surfaces which prevents them from cracking and becoming too dry. One thing to note about this cleaner is that it has a hard time removing tough stains.


The 3M 09023 Marine Vinyl cleaner is a product that can restore the vinyl surfaces on your boat to the way they were before. With this item, you get a cleaner, conditioner, and protector for your vinyl. The cleaner is very easy to use on leather and vinyl and the formula is specifically designed to protect against extreme marine conditions. One thing to note about the 3M cleaner is that it doesn’t do too well against more stubborn stains.

Boat Bling

The Boat Bling VS-0032 Premium Vinyl cleaner is an easy-to-use product that comes with a spray bottle. The solution inside the bottle is specifically designed to remove even the most stubborn stains without negatively impacting the protective coating of the vinyl. It can easily deal with stains that accumulate on your boat seat due to the harsh weather conditions. This product is also compatible with plastic and leather surfaces and it also acts as a preventive measure against mold and mildew. One thing to note about this cleaner is that it may have trouble removing the very tough stains from the vinyl surface.

303 Products

The 30215 Marine Vinyl cleaner by 303 Products is an efficient solution if your vinyl surfaces are becoming yellow due to exposure to the elements. The chemicals inside are specifically formulated to remove yellow stains and any damage done by the sun. It will help you restore fading and cracked surfaces and offer protection against further stains. The only thing to note about this product is that it’s a bit harder to apply evenly on the surface because of the no-alcohol formula. This might prolong the time you need to clean your vinyl surfaces.

It is much better to prevent damage to your boat than to fix the damage done to it afterward. However, no matter how many boat covers you get and how well you treat your boat, the harsh marine conditions make it impossible to stay on top of everything. Something will eventually sneak through and cause some damage which is why it’s important to know which boat vinyl cleaner is the best and which one would fit your specific needs to return your boat to a state where it’s as good as new.