For many outdoor lovers, owning a boat is an unattainable goal. Fortunately, there are a plethora of low-cost boats available to fulfill your wildest fantasies. There is a boat out there to fit your needs, whether you require finance or have a limited financial budget. Here are the 7 best boats under 20k, ranging from tiny boats with simple features to shockingly inexpensive fishing boats with onboard electronics and other advantages.

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1. Carolina Skiff 13 JV SS

Carolina Skiff 13 JV SS

Carolina Skiff has a few inexpensive models under $20k, but the 13 JV SS is an entry-level option that comes in under budget even with add-ons. The 13 JV SS is a composite and affordable boat with simple handling that can accommodate three people and has a maximum power of 30 horsepower.

Each JV-series boat is available as a Center Console or Tiller Handle, giving you flexibility, but the wood-free construction ensures that your boat will survive for years. In addition, the shallow Vee keeps you dry and makes it easier to handle the boat. Other amenities on this entry-level model, like a live well and pedestal seat base, assist to improve the boating experience. This well-designed boat comes in at a starting price of $10,300 and its length is 12’ 8”.

2. Tracker Grizzly 1860 CC

Tracker Grizzly 1860 CC

Look no further than Tracker’s Grizzly 1860 CC if you’re looking for fishing boats. Its roomy cockpit and huge casting decks provide lots of versatility for a range of fishing methods. This boat comes equipped with a 40-horsepower engine, a 19-gallon fuel tank, and a trailer for less than $16,000. Although the aluminum hull is highly robust, it does not function as well in rough conditions because of its lower weight. The Grizzly 1860 CC has a seating capacity of seven persons.

3. Bayliner Element E16

Bayliner Element E16

The Bayliner Element E16 provides maximum pleasure in a roomy package, whether you’re fishing or having fun. The 16-foot boat has seating for six people and is designed to reduce splashing and jarring while turning.

The operation is simple even for inexperienced sailors, and visibility is excellent. Cup holders, grab handles, and six mooring cleats provide for a useful arrangement in terms of stowing and comfort. The M – Hull design provides for a smooth ride, and the automotive-style handling is a welcome feature.

A few color and visual options round out the customizing possibilities, and an engine upgrade is also available. The price of this boat starts at $15,099 and is 16’ 2” long. The boat motor that comes with it is 60HP with an option to get a stronger one of 115 horsepower.

4. Sun Tracker Party Barge 18 DLX

Sun Tracker Party Barge 18 DLX

If a party barge is more your style, Sun Tracker’s Party Barge 18 DLX keeps the cost of the trip down. The multi-chambered pontoon boat with pontoon logs provides a steady ride, the vinyl flooring is sturdy and easy to clean, and the port and starboard bow couches provide seating for everybody. A full-width swim platform makes it simple to go in the water and cool down at any moment.

It has beneath-seat storage, including a cooler under the console. It is a very convenient design, and a built-in stereo gets the party started. The roomy layout allows you to remain out on the water all day in comfort and luxury, thanks to its nine-person capacity and built-in Bimini top. The starting price of this boat is $17,295 and is 20 feet long. It also comes with a 40 horsepower engine.

5. Mako Pro Skiff 15 CC

Mako Pro Skiff 15 CC

Mako’s Pro Skiff 15 CC is an inexpensive dream come true if saltwater boating is your thing. It has a strong composite structure and marine-grade vinyl fabric that can withstand even the worst salt spray. Stability is emphasized with a one-piece deck liner made of closed-cell foam. You can carry all your gear with you thanks to lockable storage and an anchor locker, as well as below-console storage, rod holders, a grab rail, and electronics mounting choices.

Anglers will like the aerated baitwell and detachable seat/cooler, but the 40 ELPT engine provides enough power to enjoy the ride as well. Overall, the skiff is attractive to the eye and practical for fishing and other water activities. It comes at a starting price of $14,995 and it is 15’ 2” long.

6. Sea Doo Fish Pro

Sea Doo Fish Pro

The FISH PRO is no exception to Sea-reputation Doo’s for delivering exciting and speedy personal watercraft. The Sea-Doo FISH PRO offers seating for three people and lots of cargo space for your fishing gear.

This boat is also lightweight at a little over 850 pounds, making it simple to tow even with a trolling motor. You won’t be short on amenities with a comfy and solid fishing seat, a cooler, fishing rod holders, and a rear platform for extra room. An onboard Garmin device can even assist you in locating fish and providing chart information.

Passengers will find it easier than ever to board thanks to the boarding ladder, and front storage will help you pack for your journey. This boat is 147” long and comes at the starting price of $14,799.

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7. Tahoe T16

Tahoe T16

Tahoe’s T16 combines the sporty flair you want with the luxury of more costly boats. A fiberglass hull and lightweight design make it easier to glide through the water while also reducing towing weight. If you have a tiny vehicle and want to tow a boat with it, this one is great because it’s not very heavy. 

Aft swim platforms and a telescopic boarding ladder let you have as much on-the-water fun as you want, while built-in storage keeps your belongings safe. The entire kit (including the trailer) weighs 2,200 pounds, allowing you to tow it with any Class 2 or bigger hitch on your SUV. The boat is 16’ 5” long and the price starts at $15,995.

Whether you buy a brand-new boat or a used one, the extra features you choose such as better engine, a towing trailer or additional outboard motor may affect the price. Before purchasing a personal watercraft, fishing barge, or sport boat, utilize a boat payment calculator to calculate the entire cost.

Consider your preferred boat type and think about what you are going to use your boat for. A hybrid option, such as a fishing boat that is also sporty and fast might be much better for you because you get a boat you can use for two different purposes. If you prefer water activities, seek boats with available add-ons that will suit the activities you plan on doing on the water. If you are into fishing you will need a boat that has enough space for your gear.

To save even more money, look for secondhand products like used outboard motors. Depending on your budget, tastes, and financing possibilities, a dependable and well-kept boat may be a better buy than a brand-new boat with a lot of bells and whistles.

Calculate the cost of insurance to get an exact estimate of how much your new boat will cost. Regular maintenance, storage costs, and replacement components may all add up quickly, making a less expensive boat a good choice from the start if money is tight.

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