You may love hitching up your trusty RV and setting off on a thrilling winter RV vacation even in the chilly, snowy, and even frozen temps of winter. If this is something you’ve always wanted to accomplish but your present rig lacks the necessary equipment and features, it’s time to invest in a four-season rig. Here are a few of the best cold weather RVs currently available on the market.

Windjammer 3008W Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are a terrific, far less expensive alternative to a full-fledged RV, and they’re perfect for novices and people who simply want a taste of the RV lifestyle. The Windjammer is an excellent choice; it has a maximum capacity of five bedrooms, so there’s no reason not to bring the whole family.

With an 897-pound hitch load, this trailer isn’t exactly little, but it’ll do an outstanding job of keeping the harsh weather outside and the warmth and creature comforts within. It can house a big 45-gallon black water tank, a 75-gallon gray water tank, and a noteworthy 45-gallon freshwater hold tank, thanks to its excellent capacity.

In addition, the trailer has a wardrobe, linen closet, kitchen room with microwave, gas burner hook-up, and an awning to keep the sun or snow off. To cap it off, the master suite has a smart fold-away table as well as a spacious double bed.

Forest River Arctic Wolf

The Arctic Wolf comes in six different floor plans, so it can accommodate almost any RV enthusiast’s needs. The biggest versions have a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds, which equates to a hitch weight of 1,400 pounds. This is due to its large proportions, which reach a maximum of 35 feet long and 11 feet tall.

Arctic Wolf owners may choose between an Extreme Weather Package or an Arctic Package for any winter adventures, in addition to its comfortable size. The Extreme weather package is by far better equipped for camping in the cold winter because it has built-in underfloor heating and a bigger furnace that can output 35,000 BTUs very fast. 

Northwood Arctic Fox

With two slide outs, leather couches, and warm-colored wood accents, this travel trailer has a lovely interior design. The slide-outs give this trailer a more open appearance while the bathroom, living room, and bedroom are all properly separated, which creates a good sense of space separation. Multiple heat-saving layers and high-density block foam insulation may be found on the walls and ceiling. To avoid any damage or freezing, the water storage tanks are also heated. This type has a 30,000 BTU furnace that, when combined with the excellent insulation, provides an effective heating system for your entire trailer. This layout is well-balanced in terms of storage, sleeping quarters, and dining/entertaining space.

Jayco Redhawk 26XD 

In the world of RVs, Jayco travel trailers have long been highly regarded. They’re roomy, comfy, and come with top-notch facilities. This model is equipped with Climate Shield technology, which protects it from all types of weather. An insulated and heated underbelly, a 35,000 BTU heater, a built-in fireplace, and double layered fiberglass insulation are also included in the design. The water heater and storage tanks are also winterized and shielded from freezing temperatures, and there are three slide-outs to increase floor space, as well as cupboards all around the walls. No matter what the outside weather does, the massive fuel tank, strong auto-igniting furnace, and high capacity water heater will keep you warm and comfortable.

Keystone Raptor

There are eight thoughtfully designed floor layouts to choose from in the Raptor. The essential rooms in all designs are the identical, such as kitchens, baths, and bedrooms; however, the actual arrangement and quantity of space allotted to each room varies depending on the floor plan chosen. It features a protected roof, insulating material on the walls, and a suitably insulated floor.

A sumptuous king-sized bed and a pair of spacious reclining sofas for resting over hot beverages with family or friends are attractive characteristics of this model’s interior.

The MaxFlo air conditioning unit, which can pump out an astonishing 15k BTUs, provides a pleasant and warm environment. Even during the worst winter spells, this will keep you warm and comfortable.

Jayco 327CKTS Eagle

This Jayco Eagle cold weather RV is roomy, with a full-size bathroom with a sink, shower, toilet, and linen closet, as well as a kitchen hutch with a second sink. A beautiful L-shaped sofa and several reclining chairs are also available for everyone’s enjoyment. A new refrigerator with a capacity of 21 cubic feet is installed in the kitchen. This beautiful RV also comes with a queen-sized bed in the main bedroom that measures 60 by 80 inches, a walk-in closet, a TV console, a washing, and a dryer. This camper trailer also has a 19-foot awning on the outside.

A Girard Gen3 tankless water heater with a digital thermostat and a Sani-con Turbo waste management system are among the optional luxuries and items of interior design for this superb example of severe cold temperature RVs. It also has tinted, double-paned, frameless safety glass windows for privacy and to reduce glare from the sun.

Heartland Bighorn

This contemporary RV is ready to protect you from the harsh winter camp temperatures while working at full capacity, thanks to its high-quality design and construction processes. Even on the coldest days and nights, the inside is kept warm by a sufficient supply of block foam insulation.

The trailer flooring is protected from outside breezes with thermo-boards and flex foil insulation. With the aid of the huge slam-baggage doors, which are also insulated against ice damage, the RV’s covered underbelly is heated to keep your roomy, stylish camper enveloped in warmth. The trailer’s very efficient 42K-BTU furnace will keep your cozy inside surroundings warm and soothing.

Keystone Montana

The Montana, perhaps the most well-known cold-weather RV, is a legend in its own right. People have lived in this competent car all year and continue to do so. This model has a 15-year pedigree that has endured the test of time, demonstrating year after year that it is the best all-weather RV on the market and well deserved of its stellar reputation.

To minimize freezing damage to your RV, this all-seasons kit features a covered, insulated bottom as well as 12V electric tank heating equipment.

The main floor is kept warm by R-21 insulation, while the slide-out floors are shielded from the cold by R-5 insulation. The walls are insulated with a double layer of R-11 insulation, and the roof is protected with radiant technology R-38 to keep your RV warm. Furthermore, the centralized heated external water and convenience center includes an outside shower, water heater bypass, and enclosed low-point drains for optimum functionality.

For novice and experienced campers and explorers, there is a large range of stylish, practical, and efficient severe cold weather winter RVs available on the consumer market today. Although they all include a variety of features, both standard and optional, for safe, pleasant, and snug warm outings in the bitter cold of winter, some features and amenities will appeal to you more than others. Picking any of the RV’s from the list above will ensure that you have an unforgettable winter camping experience without giving up any of the comforts of your own home.