Composting toilets offer the benefits of conventional toilets with the added bonus of decomposing waste without the need of water. They are extremely eco-friendly, requiring no water or plumbing. Even if the process first requires some caution, people who use a composting toilet are delighted to learn that it is highly effective and easy to install and operate. The composting toilet is much better for the environment since it doesn’t produce waste smells, as standard holding tank set-ups sometimes do. Before we get into the list of the best composting toilets for RV owners, let’s see what they are and why it is beneficial to have one.

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What Are Composting Toilets For RVs?

A composting toilet is a form of toilet that does not require any water for flushing. Instead, it keeps your unwanted waste from becoming sewage by keeping the fluids (the urine) separate from the solids (the feces). Here’s how composting toilets work: 

The fluids are collected in a bottle which can be removed and emptied into a toilet. The solids get blended in along with organic substances like peat moss, coconut coir, or any other similar substance. So the composting toilet is separating liquids and solids into different tanks which can be emptied later. Drying your waste prevents odors and kills mold and fungus, as well as begins the decomposition process, which ends with your waste turning into compost. This allows you to throw all of the biodegradable waste into the garbage when the compost container is full.

Why Get A Composting Toilet For Your RV?

When RVing, there are several advantages to utilizing a composting toilet. The following are the primary reasons to get a composting toilet for your RV.

Save Fresh Water

Water is not required for composting toilets. They are dry toilets that treat human waste with organic ingredients. That means that the fresh water tank would last much longer for showers, dishwashing, and, of course, drinking. 

Eliminate Trips To The Dump Station

If you use a composting toilet you can completely avoid going to the dump station to empty your black tank. It might seem like it’s not a big deal but emptying your black tank can be quite bothersome and time-consuming. With a composting toilet you completely eliminate the need for dumping the waste from the black tank. Instead you’ll have a toilet that turns your waste into a biodegradable material that you can dump in the trash. 

Increase The Capacity Of Your Gray Tank

If you don’t utilize the black tank for a typical RV toilet, you may combine it with the gray tank and use it as an overflow. This means that you can use the black tank (the tank that is used to collect the waste from the toilet) to add some extra capacity to the gray tank (the tank that holds the water which comes from the drain of the sink and shower) so when the gray tank is full it won’t flood your RV or burst the tank but instead transfer the excess fluids into the black tank. You’d be able to expand the gray tank’s capacity as a result of this, which will also cut the trips to the dump station. You can repurpose your waste tanks and use them for much longer before you have to empty them.

The 6 Best Composting Toilets For RVs

Nature’s Head

The Nature’s Head composting toilet is the most popular one on the market. It’s quite simple to install if you can readily vent to the outside of the RV. It comes with a 12-volt fan to keep the smells out which is a great feature to have in a composting toilet. It’s not the most costly composting toilet on the market, but it’s light and compact compared to other models. Customer support is said to be outstanding, which is critical when spending this much money on a device that will be used on a regular basis. The solid waste capacity of this composting toilet is approximately 60-80 times while the liquid capacity is 2.2 gallons. It comes with a 5 year warranty and costs $960. 


Villa 9215 AC:DC

Separett is a Swedish company that makes composting toilets for RVs. The Separett Villa 9215 is one of their most popular models that can be purchased in the US. It’s our second pick on the list because it is also easy to install and affordable. The solid capacity of this composting toilet is about 3 weeks use by an entire family while the liquid capacity is 50 liters. It comes with a 5 year warranty and costs $989. 

Air Head Dry

The Air Head bills itself as the smallest composting toilet on the market. Although the price is a bit higher than the previous, the footprint of this toilet may be more suitable for a smaller RV. It has a solid capacity for about 60 uses which is around a month for 2 adults, while the fluid capacity is 2 gallons. When purchasing this product you get a 5 year warranty as well. The Air Head composting toilet costs $1029.

Sun-Mar Mobile Composting Toilet

The Sun-Mar is one of the priciest choices available, but it’s also one of the most luxurious.The design of this composting toilet goes a step further and focuses on improving the composting process, therefore they’ve invented a special Bio-Drum with an evaporation chamber that aids in the decomposition of materials into compost. There’s also no need to dump your fluids because the toilet will evaporate them for you. The fluid capacity of this toilet is indefinite because it has an evaporation chamber that gets rid of the fluids. The solid capacity depends on the model you pick and how many people will live in the RV but it is generally between 60-80 uses. It has a 5 year warranty on the tank and 3 year warranty on everything else. The price of this toilet is $1,775.

C-Head Portable Composting Toilet

The C-Head composting toilet is available in more sizes and colors than the other manufacturers we looked at. You may choose from a variety of dyes and wood kinds, as well as different forms. This may be your best option if you have a very specific bathroom plan or appearance in mind. However, keep in mind tank capacity, since the C-Head has lower capacity and will need to be emptied more frequently. The solids capacity of the C-Head is around 10-12 uses per week and the fluid capacity is 1 gallon. This composting toilet costs $649 and it has a 30 day money back guarantee on unused units. 

Camco Portable Travel Toilet

Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet-Designed for Camping, RV, Boating and Other Recreational Activities - 5.3 Gallon , White

The Camco Portable Travel Toilet is made of a strong polyethylene material that is both compact and lightweight. It includes a removable storage tank with a sealing valve to prevent leaks and keep the odor contained. It features two side locks that keep the toilet in place. It’s quite easy to clean and empty as well. It has a 5.3 gallon holding tank that can be detached and another 2.6 gallon flush tank. This is a very budget friendly option that costs $94.6.

Composting toilets are truly a great invention for many reasons. To begin, your RV’s water use will be reduced if you use composting toilets. Furthermore, it will make good use of human waste by converting it into environmentally friendly fertilizer. They are also an excellent option for anyone who cannot travel without access to a restroom. A composting toilet for your RV is definitely something to consider buying if you have the room in your vehicle.