Before you purchase an RV, you should research which are the best new RVs on the market. It’s much better if you know exactly what you want first because you might make a costly mistake. It’s an investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and there are many different options that you should take into consideration. There are different classes of RVs, makes, and models that are suited for different types of camping. Depending on what type of trip you want to take you’ll need to pick a different class of RV. Based on the number of people you plan on taking with you, you can decide which size will be the best choice.

Classes of RVs

The most important thing you need to select when buying an RV is the class. There are 3 classes of RVs and they differ from each other because they have different features.

  • Class A Motorhome – The class A RV is a full size RV that looks like a bus. It features a huge living area and it’s very luxurious. It is equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, king-size bed, flat-screen TVs, and entertainment centers which brings up the RV lifestyle to another level.
  • Class B Motorhome – The class B RV is more commonly known as the “camper van” because it looks just like a van. It’s a great option for smaller families and if you’re on a budget. This small class of RV is much easier to drive and it can be parked anywhere which is a huge advantage if you are not an experienced driver.  
  • Class C Motorhome – The class C RV is built on a truck chassis. It’s similar in size and living space to class A at a much lower price which is perfect for full-time RVing. The class C motorhomes often have enough space for various amenities like bathrooms, stoves, extra sleeping quarters, refrigerators, and storage areas. 

Best of Class A RVs


Newmar is an excellent RV manufacturer that creates amazing Class A RVs. The Newmar Bay Star Sport is one of their newest creations. It’s reasonably priced while still maintaining that luxurious look and lifestyle. The engine it uses is a 7.3 liter V8 model and it’s built on the Ford f-series chassis. The engine is also supported by the Ford TorqShift which helps you tow your get-around vehicle. You can select between 8 different floor plans if you decide to go with this model and pick the one that is best suited for your needs. 


The Tiffin Open Road Allegro is another great option if you want a class A RV for your perfect road trip. This RV has the Ford 7.3 liter V8 engine and a lot of amazing features like hydraulic automatic leveling jacks, electronic stability, and traction control, spyder controls multiplex system, ultra-leather furniture, and more. You can order different colors on their website and they offer 4 different floor plans. It’s a great pick from a trusted RV manufacturer that has been on the market for almost 50 years. 

Best of Class B RVs


The Serenity from Leisure Travel Vans is a great choice if you are looking for a class B RV. You can take this RV to most national parks without having trouble getting there because it’s easy to drive. It’s built on the Mercedes Sprinter Cab chassis and it’s designed with strength and durability in mind. The exterior of this RV is very aerodynamic which makes it very fuel-efficient. The aerodynamic exterior also reduces the wind noise which can bother many people after some time on the road. Overall it’s a very good choice if you plan on road tripping with up to 3 people. 


GTRV is a company that converts different vans into Class B RVs. They have great products made from different vans such as the Ram Promaster, Mercedes Sprinter, Nissan NV Cargo, and many more but they can also turn the van you already have into an amazing RV. They do custom orders so you can ask them to equip your RV with many customized features like solar panels. Their newest creation is the Nissan NV200 Westy which is a full-size van that is perfect if you are looking to road trip alone or with your partner. It’s fuel-efficient and the price is affordable for a class B RV. 

Best of Class C RVs

Lazy Daze

The Lazy Daze class C motorhome is built on the Ford E-450 chassis and it can only be bought directly from their factory in California. They offer 3 types of floor plans and the engine they use is a 7.3 liter V8. This is a perfect choice for those who want something smaller than Class A but bigger than the class B RVs. The entire RV is built with lightness, durability, and strength in mind so it’s very fuel-efficient and has great power to weight ratio. It’s one of the best picks for a Class C RV because it’s reasonably priced and well-built.

Gulf Stream

The Gulf Stream Coach Conquest has over 20 floor plans that you can pick from, which is why it’s on our list as one of the best new RVs on the market. You can pick a design that suits your needs perfectly and have enough space for everything when you hit the road. The chassis they use for this vehicle is either the Ford E350 or E450 depending on the floor pan you pick. It also has a 7.3-liter V8 engine and many other useful features like a rubber roof, tinted windows, kitchen windows, basement storage, and so on. You can also get extra luxury and optional features which may cost a bit more if you decide that you absolutely need them. 

RVing is an amazing way to travel and dive into an adventure with your family. Nothing compares to the excitement of hitting the open road and visiting a wonderful destination.  Getting the right RV that will suit your needs will make sure you have the maximum fun possible on your trips. Picking one of the best new RVs will also make sure that you are safe on the road and enjoy every second of your vacation.