As any adventurous pet owner can tell, camping with exuberant dogs can be a genuine struggle. When their movements aren’t restricted by a fence, they can get distracted by the surrounding wildlife and wander off. When they’re not limited inside the RV, it’s best to keep them safe and prevent them from getting lost.

The optimum solution is an RV dog fence. Your pet’s freedom of movement will not be restricted as it would be with a leash or tie-out, but they will be contained in a secure environment. This will prevent them from pursuing other people, squirrels, birds, or other distractions.

Why Is An RV Dog Fence Useful?

A portable dog fence for camping, along with the rest of your dog camping gear, offers several advantages and helps keep your vacation stress-free. As previously said, it provides a safe environment for your dog to run about and burn off some energy.

A camping dog fence is also advantageous since it protects them from other dogs or wildlife that may be present at your campground. It also reduces the likelihood of your dog running away and becoming lost.

Another advantage of having an RV dog fence for camping is that it provides a place for your dog to dry off after a bath or swim. The last thing you want is your RV to smell like a wet dog inside.

6 Best RV Dog Fences

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Pet Playpen

Yaheetech 24/32/40-Inch 8/16/32 Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen Cat Fence with Door Puppy Rabbits Portable Play Pen,Outdoor/Indoor,Black

The YAHEETECH is made of durable iron that will last for years of constant use. It folds up conveniently for storage and transportation, despite its bulk and toughness.

When the dogs are inside, the entrance provides simple access as well as a lock, ensuring that the fencing is completely safe. Additionally, you can customize your RV dog fence with three various sizes and four panel counts to meet your specific needs, and it may be used both inside and out. The smallest model is roughly $210 and weighs 43 pounds.

Iris 34” Exercise 8-Panel Pet Playpen

IRIS USA 8-Panel Pet Playpen with Door, 34-Inch Exercise Dog Pen

If you’re searching for a plastic camping exercise pen for your dog, this is an excellent choice. It’s simple to put together and may be used both indoors and outdoors. Your flooring will not be scuffed because the panels feature non-skid rubber feet. The fence can be configured in many ways and features a door with a door twist lock that makes it simple to let your dog in and out. This is an excellent choice for dogs who are small or medium in size. Because there are numerous pieces of fence, you may adjust the size of the play yard to suit your dog’s needs. It costs around $80 and weighs roughly 26 pounds.

North States MyPet Petyard Fencing

North States Mypet Petyard Passage: 4, 6 or 8 panel pet enclosure with lockable pet door. Freestanding. 7 sq. ft to 34.4 sq. ft. (26" tall)

The North States MyPet Petyard fencing has excellent endurance and an even higher rating, since many users have reported that it has lasted for years in tough situations such as heavy snow and storms. Small dogs will love jumping through the smaller door panel that comes with it. However, if you need to accommodate a larger dog, new doors are simple to install. It is very lightweight due to its plastic construction and easy to assemble and move without being too heavy, yet not so light that your dog will knock it over. It costs around $84 and weighs approximately 25 pounds.

BestPet Playpen

BestPet Pet Playpen Dog Kennel 8 Panel Indoor Outdoor Folding Metal Protable Puppy Exercise Pen Dog Fence,24",32",40"

The folding form of the BestPet makes it an excellent choice for RVing. It’s also quite light, so transporting it from one location to another should be a breeze.

The unit also comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions, making setup a breeze. Although the high quality wire adds to a higher-than-average price tag, its heavy-duty construction helps it stay in place without tipping over.

The sheer quantity of customizing choices available on the BestPet is its finest feature. You may pick from six different sizes, making it simple to create a fence that meets your requirements. The basic version costs around $138. 

Nova Microdermabrasion Kennel Fence

Nova Microdermabrasion Dog Pen Pet Playpen Kennel Fence Outdoor Indoor Play Yard Puppy Exercise Barrier, 31'' W x 24'' H - 16 Panels

This device may be set together without the need of any tools. It’s easy to assemble, making it great for busy RVers who need to keep their dogs engaged while setting up camp.

The fencing is also exceptionally durable due to a rust-resistant finish. Even if you’re a full-timer, you may expect to utilize it for many years.

The panels are intended to accommodate a variety of combinations, making it suited for rough terrain. The unit’s rubber feet and solid metal stakes keep it in place while in use, and the rounded edges save your dog from hurting himself on the fencing.

Giantex Dog Playpen

Giantex 40/48inch Dog Playpen with Door, 16/8 Panel Pet Playpen for Large and Small Dogs, Portable Foldable Freestanding Dog Exercise Pens, Metal Dog...

If you have a large dog, the Giantex dog pen in 48-inch length would be the ideal option. It is also available in a 40-inch version that is ideal for most bigger breeds.

The heavy-duty metal design of the fencing aids in keeping energetic dogs contained. The Giantex is weatherproof and rustproof, so you can take it on long trips without fear of it being damaged by the elements.

This pen also has rounded corners to prevent your pet from rubbing his head on the metal. The double lock on the door keeps even the most determined dog from escaping the confinement.

An RV dog fence is a must-have if you have a pet with you one your trips because it will provide you with some peace of mind especially if your dog is energetic and easily distracted by the environment and wildlife around. An RV pet fence will help keep your dog safe from running after something and getting lost while still having enough space to move around and not being tied up with a rope around its neck.