If you are one of those RV owners that want their RV to look as stylish as possible, you should consider getting RV awning lights for your front porch. Not only are they stylish and make your front porch look amazing, they are also useful for late-night barbecues and trailer parties.

What Should an RV Awning Light Have

While getting any awning light will improve the look of your trailer and increase visibility at night, picking the right one for your specific needs is better than just going out and getting the first one you see. There are many different awning lights available and you must choose the right type so the awning light you buy does everything that you hoped for. For example, if you want to organize a party you would need a rope light but if you are willing to conserve energy you can get a solar powered one. The color of the light is another thing you need to take into consideration. You can go with warm light, natural light, or cool light. You should also get something that will be durable and will last longer. You also need to know the voltage so you can make sure that your RV electrical system can support it.

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The Camco Hanging Party Outdoor RV lights are a unique choice if you want to get something pretty and stylish. The item has several designs including trailers, dice, beer mugs, and stars. Installing them is very easy and all you need is a hook so you can hang them up. Aside from being easy to install and stylish, the lights work on a 120V power source which means that they will brighten up the front of your RV quite nicely. There is also a device installed to protect the lights from overheating and burning, which is great for protection.


The Coleman 10 Lantern LED String lights features are great if you love classic lantern-shaped lights. Many RV owners love these lights because they are powered by a battery instead of electricity. You might think it isn’t worth it because of the hassle of replacing the batteries. However, you will save some money and the AAA batteries last for quite some time. The installation process is extremely easy too. The one thing to note is that these lights aren’t bright at all. They produce a soft dim light that is just enough to allow you to see in the dark. It’s perfect for people who don’t want their porch to be too bright.


The RecPro RV camper and trailer white LED awning is one of the best products you can get if you are looking for lights for your RV. This LED light strip emits 1500 lumens which is a very bright light and it’s perfect for those who want to make their nights as bright as possible. The product is very durable and may last up to 2 years. When you purchase it, you get a manual with instructions so you can easily install the strips. There is a very strong adhesive on them so you can stick them to any surface although they don’t stick as well on fiberglass material.


The Polymer Black and Etched Bronze string lights are very stylish, elegant, and durable. These globe lights would allow you to have a perfect relaxing night because they produce a very warm light. The design of this product is high quality and they are weatherproof and waterproof which is an excellent feature for RV awning lights. The durability of these lights is also admirable. They are made of a material that might withstand a significant drop and not even crack. The installation process is very easy because they are LED string lights and it comes with a very long power cord of 20 feet. Stainless steel hooks are also included in your purchase.

Dream Lighting

The Dream Lighting RV LED Porch Multi-purpose lights have a very wide coverage and an awesome modern-looking design. An interesting feature that this product has is that it repels bugs due to the brightness and heat it produces. The designers of this light had RV owners in mind when they made it with a special 40-degree downward illumination feature that produces strong and cool light. One thing to note about this item is that it’s not too big and if you have a larger vehicle you might need more than one.


The LED RV Exterior porch utility light is made out of very durable and environment-friendly materials. The light is quite small but emits a powerful 280 lumens. It comes with an orange-colored cover so you can have a bright and colorful porch. The 120-degree beam pattern for wide coverage makes it sufficient for smaller porches. If you need more you will have to purchase several of them to cover a wider area. The installation process is very easy and the life expectancy is around 60000 hours.


The SUPERNIGHT 5-meter LED Light with 44 Key Remote Control is a very high-tech lighting system that you will surely enjoy. The installation process is extremely easy due to the adhesive strip on the back of it. Its waterproof feature is another thing that makes this item really good because it can easily withstand rain. The most amazing feature, however, is the wireless remote control which has several options for brightness and color. This item is quite long so it can cover a large area and you can even cut it up and store it because it comes with a roller, making it easy to use.

Green LongLife

The Green LongLife 4th of July LED Rope Light is the type of light designed for parties and celebrations. It has the colors of the USA flag which brings many colors to your porch. The most useful feature of this item is its flexibility. You will be able to bend it whichever way you want and set it up to your liking. The lights are going to last a long time as they are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and even fire. The only thing to note about this item is that the color might fade in time.

Setting up RV awning lights will make your camper look much more beautiful than it already is. Not only are they beautiful, they are also practical and will provide sufficient light at night and produce some heat. Depending on the lights you choose they might make your night as bright as day and also serve as party enhancers. Needless to say, RV awning lights are a must for all RV owners.