RVing is an enjoyable experience and it’s not just about arriving at the destination. Driving your RV and enjoying the road is also an important part of the journey. However, the thrill should come from taking in the sights along the way, not from worrying about whether you’ll make it over that flyover, safely cross that bridge, or find your campground. If you own an RV and you love traveling in it, having the best RV GPS for your needs will take a huge burden off your shoulders.

Why Get An RV GPS?

Screen size – It might be difficult to rely on your smartphone for instructions if you are a lone traveler. You may also find yourself pulling your RV to the side to view the information on your smartphone a few times because the screen is too small to view while it’s on your dashboard. Most RV GPS tablets have a larger screen than most smartphones, so you won’t have to strain your eyes reading the directions; the information is usually presented in a clear, well-lit way.

Voice commands – Some RV GPS systems have voice command software, which allows the driver to call out his desired destination as the system reads out the directions for him to follow. As a result, the driver doesn’t have to continually monitor the screen for changes in the route, and he or she may also use Bluetooth for hands-free calling.

The best roads for RVs – Because RVs are enormous and heavy, they must stay on highways that allow the driver to avoid low bridges, heavy traffic, small roads, weight limitations, and roads with a lot of bikers. The majority of GPS systems include real-time traffic and weather updates, so you’ll always know what to expect on a given route.

Best RV amenities – The majority of RV GPS travel systems come preloaded with millions of points of interest. They primarily facilitate access to facilities such as motels, restaurants, service shops, petrol stations, leisure centers, and health centers for the driver.

Entertainment – Most GPS systems have a big storage space, allowing you to save your music for road trip pleasure. Some feature FM receivers that play music from your favorite radio stations, while others have Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to play music from your smartphone.

Why not just use Google Maps?

If you haven’t noticed, Google Maps doesn’t take into consideration that you are driving an RV or that you are going to drive slower than the posted speed limit because you have a larger vehicle to maneuver. Most RVers travel at a safe pace of 60-65 miles per hour when driving or hauling their 9-13 foot-high weekend vacations. Neither of those measures will be taken into account by any Google routes.

Here are the 5 best RV GPS devices that use their own maps and software which can be programmed to take into account the type of vehicle you are driving.

5 Best RV GPS

Garmin RV 785

Garmin RV 785

The Garmin RV 785 GPS Navigator is regarded as one of the top RV GPS navigation systems available on the market. It is equipped with a big, dual-screen display that is simple to operate with voice commands or by touch and swipe. The device provides personalized routing based on the size and weight of your car, allowing you to discover the most efficient route possible. You will also receive road alerts for lane departures, weight restrictions, speed restrictions, and possible hazards such as sharp curves, steep hills, and low bridges.

It has a special built-in dashcam that records and automatically stores footage from your journey. Utilizing the supplied traffic cable, you will be able to obtain precise traffic information and maneuver your way out of traffic jams.

It also has built-in WiFi connectivity, which makes it simple to download globe maps and receive software updates while you’re out on the open road.

TomTom Trucker 620

TomTom Trucker 620 6-Inch Gps Navigation Device for Trucks with Wi-Fi Connectivity, Smartphone Services, Real Time Traffic And Maps of North America

The TomTom Trucker 620 is a name-brand navigation system. Although it is a GPS that is more aimed at truckers, it works great for RVs because you can program the device to take the size of your vehicle into consideration and plan the route accordingly. Another great feature of the TopTom Trucker 620 is that it has excellent customer support in case any of the features bugs or stops working, and it also has a Bluetooth connection that can update traffic conditions as you drive. The price of this GPS is $289.99.

Magellan RV 9365T

Magellan RoadMate RV 9365T-LMB 7-Inch RV GPS Navigator

The huge display on this RV GPS device is one of its greatest features. The Magellan RV 9365T-LMB RoadMate is an excellent choice if you want a GPS that won’t leave you perplexed when you need instructions quickly. It allows you to put in the precise dimensions of your RV so that the routes it chooses don’t include any impediments that would make handling a huge vehicle difficult.

Gas station locations are classified by whether they sell diesel or regular gas, the Good Sam Travel Guide and Campground Directory, a database of Sani-dump sites, and the option to record position information are among the RV-specific features of this GPS device. It also connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology, allowing you to communicate hands-free while driving.

Rand McNally OverDryve 7

Rand McNally - OverDryve 7 Pro Truck Navigation with 7" Display, Bluetooth, SiriusXM, and Free Lifetime Maps (7PRO)

This GPS unit includes award-winning RV navigation, hands-free phone, and text messaging through your phone, as well as a trip planner with the Tripmaker software that is integrated into the unit. The OverDryve also features a dash cam that records the road ahead of you and can be used for later review in case of an accident. It differs from the other GPS’s devices on the list because it can be used as a smartphone and it has an Android operating system. It has a big 7” screen and it costs $399.

Garmin RV 770 LMT-S GPS

Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S, Advanced Navigation for RVs and Towable Trailers, Directory of RV Parks & Services, Voice-Activated Navigation

This Garmin additionally provides custom routing based on the size and weight of the RV or towable trailer being used. The GPS has a number of hands-free capabilities like Bluetooth calling, smart notifications, and voice-activated navigation. If you get the free Smartphone Link app on your phone, you’ll also get access to live traffic information, basic weather forecasts, and other useful information. It also features a built-in WiFi which allows you to do map updates and software from any location without the need for a computer. The display size of the Garmin RV 770 is 6.95” and it costs $299.

Having the right GPS device for your specific needs will make your life much easier on the road. It will help you plan your trip according to the size of your RV and the traffic along the way. Many GPS devices are also full of other useful features like gas stops, RV parks, campgrounds and many more. Even if you don’t travel in an RV full-time, the challenge of navigating unfamiliar roads may have a significant influence on your ability to enjoy a place once you arrive. So, instead of stressing out about which road and route to take, you can enjoy the journey completely from start to finish.