An RV stereo is a very important piece of equipment in your RV. It might not seem like it is but when you are driving on the road, it’s the only thing that is keeping you entertained and awake. Unlike car stereos that tend to be simple and only have a few features, RV owners enjoy having top-notch RV stereos in their rig. Having an RV stereo that serves multiple purposes like playing audio, video, charging your phone, and support voice controls is very useful. This RV stereo buying guide will help you make an informed choice when you want to upgrade your RV stereo system.

iRV Technology

iRV34 Wall Mount RV Stereo

One of the very best RV wall mount stereo system players is the iRV34. The system is very easy to use and simple to install and connect using Bluetooth. It is able to play music files and video files of different formats such as mp3, WMA, and so on. It has a 3-zone speaker configuration and an HDMI input for better sound quality. The stereo also plays surround sound which is an awesome feature to have. The HDMI input also allows you to plug in your console and play video games. The downside of this player is that it’s quite expensive and goes up to $239.

iRV66 3 Zone Wall Mount RV Stereo

Another awesome stereo to play music in your RV is the iRV66. It comes with a 3-zone speaker configuration and multiple HDMI inputs and outputs where you can plug in your computers and DVD players. The install process is very easy and it has the ability to play different file types so you can enjoy both audio and video. This RV stereo also has a USB input that you can use to plug in a flash drive with songs. The stereo is very easy to use but the installation process is a bit difficult because the instruction manual skips a few steps.

iRV68 3 Zone Wall Mount RV Stereo

The iRV68 is another product from this company that is very durable and reliable. It has a 3-zone speaker configuration and it can play most known music and video formats. It has Bluetooth capabilities which makes it very easy to connect your phone and play your favorite music in your RV. This stereo delivers amazing sound quality and it can play music from the TV when you use the HDMI input. The only downside of this product is that it comes with no warranty.


JWM60A Bluetooth Wall Mount RV Stereo

The Jensen JWM60A is very easy to operate due to the jControl app. The app allows you to control every function of this stereo and it’s very useful during the installation. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet and you can control your RV stereo. The JWM60A also has a USB input plug that can serve as a phone charger. It also supports a variety of music and video file formats and has an amazingly slim design. The Bluetooth technology is compatible with both Android and iOS which makes it easily accessible. The only downside is that sometimes the DVD player might have issues playing some file types.

JWM62A Bluetooth Wall Mount RV Stereo

Another speaker from Jensen is the JWM62A which has a 3-zone speaker configuration and an unbelievable 33 feet of Bluetooth range. It’s an amazing choice for an RV stereo because it supports most available file formats for both music and video. It’s easy to use and has a very nice design. It can also be controlled with the jControl app which means that every smartphone can be turned into a remote. It also has a wireless remote included when you buy it.

JRV9000R RV Navigation System

The Jensen JRV9000R Navigation system is one of the most awesome ones on the market. It is a wall mount stereo system and navigation system in one. It has an LCD screen and amazing features such as built-in Bluetooth wall mount capabilities, touchscreen, and a very durable design. You can play any audio/video files on it and you can connect electronics to it via the USB port or HDMI port. The downside of it is that it is expensive because it has navigation features as well.

AWM968 Bluetooth RV Stereo

The Jensen AWM968 is another amazing product from this company. It is equipped with a 3-zone speaker configuration that produces surround sound and has a few USB and HDMI inputs and outputs. It’s also equipped with a blue backlight that is great for the night time. The last track memory feature is also amazing as it comes in handy very often. It remembers where you left off and plays the tracks from there instead of starting from the beginning and play the same tracks. The stereo system also has an alarm clock and you can set up to 30 stations on AM and FM. The downside that some people reported was that the DVD player had errors and issues from time to time.


The Furrion 3-zone RV entertainment system is an awesome product if you want to upgrade your RV. The quality of sound you get is amazing and the entire stereo is very durable. It has a white color scheme and many different connecting options including USB and HDMI. It has built-in Bluetooth technology, but the only downside to it is that the fan noise is sometimes noticeable.


The Magnadyne RV6200 wall mount multimedia receiver is an awesome product that can fit in your RV and make your everyday life better. It’s very easy to install and has all kinds of capabilities including Bluetooth, CD, DVD, AM and FM radio, and an alarm clock. It’s very energy efficient and very versatile while the price is quite affordable.


The Boss Audio BV6658B RV DVD Stereo Player only has a 2-zone speaker configuration but the sound it produces is still amazing. It supports flash drives via USB and it can read almost all audio and video file formats. It’s very cheap compared to the other products and it comes with all basic connectivity features like Bluetooth, AUX input, LCD Display, AM and FM radio. Overall, it’s a great product that won’t hurt your budget too much and you will still get a lot of great features.

Picking any of the RV stereos we mentioned will ensure that you and your family are entertained on your journey. They all produce an amazing sound quality and have multiple features that you will find simple and easy to use. A good RV stereo system will make your life much easier and more fun on the road.