Choosing the best adjustable trailer hitch for your towing needs isn’t difficult, but the number of options can make the process seem overwhelming. We’re going to identify the key factors so you can easily narrow down your search. So whether you’ll be pulling a boat, camper, or versatile utility trailer for all the toys – here’s what you need to know. 

Choosing the Right Adjustable Hitch for Your Towing Needs

Know Your Needs 

Before searching for the type of trailer hitch that suits your lifestyle, you’ll want to look at your current and future towing needs. To tow multiple trailers, you’ll want to have an idea of the weight of each one. Not all adjustable hitches are designed with the same adjustability and weight capacities. Specifically, it’s important to know the types of trailers and the approximate weights. As you’d expect, there’s a huge difference in towing 2000 pounds vs. towing 10,000 pounds. 

For lighter trailers like small campers, fishing boats, motorcycle trailers, etc. this is typically less of a challenge. However, if you’re towing toy haulers, heavy-duty utility trailers, or a flatbed with a hefty piece of equipment, you’ll want to step up to an adjustable tow hitch with a higher weight rating. You might even consider a weight distribution hitch. These help spread the weight of heavy loads; however, they’re significantly more expensive and have additional components and connection points to adjust. 

Assuming you have at least one trailer, start by parking it on a flat surface and measure from the ground to the bottom edge of the coupler. Then measure from the ground to the bottom of the receiver tube on your vehicle. If you’ve got multiple tow vehicles and trailers, do this for each one. This gives you an idea of how much drop or rise you’ll need.. 

You’ll need to ensure the adjustable drop hitch matches the size of your hitch receiver and that the trailer coupler matches the towing balls. 2-inch and 2 5/16-inch balls are standard, with 2-inch being the most common. Fortunately, most adjustable hitches have a dual ball mount so you have options

Don’t overlook the performance of the hitch itself either – make sure your hitch works in any conditions you’ll encounter. Rust and corrosion can cause major problems with ball mounts and moving parts. Unfortunately, cheaper hitches often have weak exterior coatings that rust quickly because they can’t handle the elements. Investing in an adjustable hitch with superior components saves time, money, and headaches over the long run. 


Adjustable trailer hitches usually cost quite a bit more than a standard hitch. This is understandable given the impressive versatility and extra components like hitch pins and multiple ball sizes. Generally, the more adjustability you have, the higher the cost. Likewise, a higher weight rating adds to the price. 

But bigger isn’t necessarily better. Higher weight ratings typically mean they weigh more. And more adjustability means they take up more space…and weigh more. Let’s say you’re only going to pull a lightweight kayak trailer, a popup camper, and an 18-foot fishing boat. If you know the height of these trailers are all within a few inches of each other (and the height of your receiver), you likely won’t need a hitch with a ton of drop. You’ll save money, weight, and bulk by choosing an adjustable hitch with a standard towing capacity and narrower drop range. 


Once you understand the cost factors and know your needs and capabilities, the amount of adjustable hitches meeting your criteria narrows considerably. However, there is still one aspect most people overlook. You’ll want to choose a hitch made by a company with a reputation for outstanding service. This is one reason why we have an extensive support center page with a ton of info, how-to videos, and FAQs. Plus, we have an easy process for contacting us if you ever have a question. 

Choosing the best adjustable trailer hitch for your towing needs isn’t complicated as long as you understand the key concepts we’ve outlined. When it’s time to make your decision, be sure to check out our full line of adjustable hitches – they’re made to go the distance and provide years of service for all your activities.