Tow dollies are extremely handy if you are going to take a longer trip and you need extra space for luggage. They are also able to handle the weight of your car so you can take it with you as well. But you must choose the right tow dolly for your specific needs. It also needs to be equipped with the right gears and ready for the type of trip you are going to take. 

Guide To Choosing the Right RV Tow Dolly

There are a few factors to consider when you are picking car tow dollies for your RV because not all of them are made the same. Tow dollies that have any type of brakes, even drum brakes, are a much better choice than those who don’t have any brakes. Having a dolly brake increases your safety on the open road because the tow dolly has excellent safety features. The brakes are strong enough to help you stop the load of the vehicle in tow which is a huge deal if you have to brake suddenly.

There are 3 types of dollies with a different braking system that you can go for and those are:

Tow Dolly with Electric Brakes

This type of braking system is the easiest to maintain and install. The only thing that can be a setback with this one is that your car or RV doesn’t have the necessary in-cab electric brake control device. If you have an electric brake control device installed, then getting an electric brake system is the best choice because it’s almost maintenance-free and it has a great ability to apply improved braking force in small amounts which helps you control your RV in high wind situations. It also makes it easier to control trailer-sway in various situations. This system definitely has a smooth ride but there are a lot of people that don’t like it because it can be hard to install the brake control device.

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Tow Dolly with Surge Brakes

These brakes are amazing for people who don’t want to bother with installing special devices to control their brakes. With these brakes, all you have to worry about is the loading and unloading of your vehicle. They work independently of your brakes because they detect when you start slowing down and they have a mechanism that triggers the surge brakes to react and pressure the tires and wheels on the tow dolly to slow it down. The surge brakes are great but they don’t provide the same safety in risky situations that involve a high chance of trailer-sway. These brakes are generally better for carrying lighter weights on the tow dolly than other brakes so heavy duty loads would be out of the question.

Tow Dolly with Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are the best when you intend to carry heavy loads. They are extremely efficient because they don’t lose braking power over time due to their heat fade resistance. They need some maintenance but it’s very easy to do at home or while you are on the road. The only minor flaw that these brakes have is that they are not too sensitive and will not react if you put low pressure on the brake. Remember that if you tow heavy loads the wear and tear of your tires will increase so you will have to check them often.

Tow Dolly That Pivots

Another thing that you need to ask yourself when picking out a tow dolly is whether you want it to pivot. Generally, tow dollies that can pivot are a newer technology and are much better but also more expensive. They are better because they have a pivot point that is strategically placed on the dolly to avoid any possible damage to the tow vehicle on sharp turns. Getting a tow dolly that pivots will increase your safety when driving and lower the chances of making a dent in your car or someone else’s.

Quality of the Frame

Another very important factor when choosing the right tow dolly is the quality of the frame. The frames are either welded or attached using bolts. This plays a huge role in how reliable and sturdy your tow dolly is. The one that is put together with bolts is great if you are going to use it on the road but if you go off-road it will have major issues. The welded dollies are much more stable and can take the roughness of the off-road adventures. It will also last much longer and it has a lower chance of breaking down or rattling if you hit a bump.

The tow dolly you take with you when you go on your RV trip must be reliable. It should also be able to take on the weight and it would not hurt if it looks great so try to get one with a nice powder coat finish. Once you get your dolly don’t forget to take a few more accessories, like wheel straps and safety chains, so you can secure your car or other stuff that you are planning to bring with you. We hope that our guide on how to pick the best tow dolly with brakes will help you make an informed decision and you will have even more fun on your next adventure with your RV.