Why you need them and how they’re holding it all together.

Trailer safety chains pop up a lot in your blogs because they are the glue! Your tow vehicle and the trailer tongue are well acquainted with the safety chains and they may seem like a small detail, but they are the life of the towing party.

The main function of trailer safety chains is to maintain the connection between your trailer and your tow vehicle.

Trailer safety chains are essential to connecting your trailer and tow vehicle and they are the first line of defense in case anything causes a sudden disconnection. If your ball or coupler do fail, your safety chains will allow you to guide your trailer and ease your way into a stopping point. (In the event of a safety chain failure, check out our blog on breakaway brakes.)

You’re required to have two safety chains to tow your trailer and then connect to their own chain retainers.

There are a few steps to properly rigging your safety chains and they go as follows.

  1. Start by crossing the safety chains underneath the hitch and coupler with enough slack to allow turning and also hold the tongue up if the trailer comes loose.
  2. Connect and fasten the chains to the tow vehicle.
  3. Check and make sure the chains are secure before you move your tow vehicle and trailer. Stop to check they’re firmly in place about every hour.
  4. Before taking your trailer for a ride, check the chains for any wear and tear. Replace if needed.

Trailer safety chains are a simple concept with a big impact on the safety of your trailer, tow vehicle, and towing journey. Always refer to your owners manual for your trailer to secure chains per the manufacturer recommendations.

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A few things to AVOID:

  • Letting chains drag on the ground.
  • Connecting the breakaway lanyard to the safety chain.
  • Fastening the chains to any part of the hitch, unless otherwise specified.

Safety chains should never be overlooked for regular maintenance, they are the glue holding your awesome towing adventure together.

Happy towing!