Utility trailers are known for versatility and hard work, but it doesn’t take long to realize most of them have room for improvement. Though the number of ideas to upgrade your utility trailer seems unlimited, we’ve honed in on the most popular and value-packed. Here are the essential utility trailer upgrades to consider if you want to get the most out of your investment.

Storage Options

Few people complain about their utility trailer having too much storage space. Depending on your frequent tasks and projects, you might need a lot of storage or just a single location for basic tools. A trailer tongue box is a common solution for storing tools and other accessories. They’re sleek, functional, and can be found for less than $200. You can also get creative with PVC, which is perfect for building long storage tubes, tool holders, and bins of various sizes. PVC storage can be mounted to various parts of the trailer with basic supplies from the local hardware or big box store. PVC is durable and widely available, and you’re only limited by your creativity and ingenuity.

Jack Upgrade

Many utility trailers come with cheap jacks that aren’t capable of long-term performance. Upgrading to a jack with superior components and features is an investment that saves you time and frustration in the long run. Trailer Valet offers various sidewinder and center mount jacks in the JX series that quickly adjust with 20-24V drills. These are a lifesaver when the last thing you want to do is wear your arm out raising and lowering your trailer hitch. All of them feature our Signature Wrinkle Black Powder Coating for maximum weather resistance, wheel or footplate options, and the ability to switch between drill power and a standard hand crank. With long-lasting components and the ability to use a cordless drill, upgrading the jack is a no-brainer.

Electrical and Lights

Utility trailers are notorious for having cheap lights that burn out quickly and electrical connections that fail with time and exposure to the elements. It’s far easier to strengthen and upgrade those connections with premium shrink tubing and liquid electrical tape before you have a problem, instead of troubleshooting later when your lights don’t work. While you’re upgrading the electrical connections, go ahead and replace the standard trailer lights with LED lights. These provide years of service with far better durability and weather resistance. LED lights also maintain consistent light output over time and produce less heat than traditional bulbs.

Cargo Security

You can’t take any chance of losing cargo on the road. Unfortunately, many new utility trailers have limited options for safely transporting your load. Do yourself a favor and add a heavy-duty system for securing your stuff. Aftermarket tracks and D-rings are great solutions with rock-solid ways to strap down cargo. If you haul bulky, heavy items with the potential to slide in the trailer, a wood beam with compatible sockets is a cheap way to transform your track system from good to great. This essentially provides a short barrier you can adjust wherever needed along the track. You can also mount ratchet straps to your trailer so you’ll always have a way to tighten down your load. For lighter items at risk of blowing away, a cargo net and D-rings are the best bet for covering and eliminating movement.

Spare Tire Carrier

If you’re not already carrying a spare tire on your trailer, this one is non-negotiable. It’s one of those things you don’t think about until you desperately need it. Spare tire mounts are inexpensive and they prevent a minor issue from becoming a major headache. There are plenty to choose from with different mounting options, so it won’t interfere with storing or using the trailer. Ideally, mount it in a visible location so it becomes second nature to inspect the tire condition.

Ramp System

If you ever plan on moving ATVs, lawnmowers, motorcycles, golf carts, or practically anything else with wheels, you need a ramp system. There are a ton of aftermarket options available that vary in price from less than $100 to more than $300. Build quality and life expectancy generally increase as the price does, so if you plan on using a ramp often you’ll likely be better off investing in a premium ramp. Be sure to look at your storage options before purchasing and choose a weight capacity well above the heaviest item you plan on transporting.

With these upgrades, anyone can take a basic utility trailer and turn it into a versatile workhorse capable of nearly any project or adventure. Along with basic trailer maintenance, you’ll be set up for years of success, no matter what you take on. Most importantly, safety and preparation are maximized so everyone on the road stays safe.