The popularity of micro campers is rising by the minute across the country and it’s all for a good reason. They are compact, simple, and affordable. Micro campers are made for people who love camping but still like to sleep well in the comfort of their own bed protected by the elements and the wildlife in the area. While huge RV’s, 5th wheels, and travel trailers are great to have for maximum comfort when camping, they are much more expensive and not as affordable.. With a micro camper, you’ll get the comfort of having a roof over your head, a comfortable bed to sleep in and some may even include amenities like small kitchens, entertainment units, and air conditioning units.

Another great thing about micro campers is that they don’t require a super strong vehicle to be towed. They are made with lightweight durable materials which makes them easy to tow with most standard vehicles. 

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What Are Micro Campers?

Micro campers, also known as mini campers, are lightweight travel trailers that weigh between 400 and 2.000 pounds. They are very popular because they are easy to tow as they can be towed by most regular vehicles. They are also much cheaper than the full-size travel trailers, 5th wheels, or RVs. Micro campers are very simple and they fulfill the most basic need of having a place to sleep safely from the elements and wildlife. Most of them don’t have extra amenities like an entire kitchen built-in or a toilet. However, people that love the outside will enjoy these micro campers a lot.  

What Are Micro Campers Used For?

If you want to go on a trip with your entire family a micro camper won’t do the trick in most cases. Micro campers are generally made for two people. Some micro campers can support up to 5 people if it’s 2 adults and 3 children. Micro campers are also perfect for people who love camping but also want to sleep on a comfortable mattress. There’s usually enough space to fit a queen or full size bed. These genius campers are also great for people who love to travel a lot but don’t want to spend a lot of money on accommodation. With a micro camper, you’ll be able to see the entire country on a budget and enjoy amazing adventures with your partner.

5 Best Micro Campers

Timberleaf Classic and Pika

The Timberleaf Pika is among the best micro campers available on the market. The Timberleaf Trailer company specializes in designing teardrop campers and teardrop trailers. Their classic teardrop trailer is easy to tow and quite small in size weighing around 1,500 pounds while the Pika is even lighter and weighs 1,025 pounds. Even though they are small in size, both of them are quite spacious and have enough sleeping space and space for amenities. Both trailers are equipped with excellent features that will allow you access to many national parks that aren’t as easily accessible. The trailers have great suspension and lift packages installed that can endure some offroad adventures.

Taxa Cricket

This is another micro camper trailer that is excellent for two adults. The cricket is lightweight weighing 1,800 pounds. Although it’s a tiny camper, it has a lot of room and great features like a full-size bed, pop up roof, electrical and plumbing systems, and plenty of storage space. It is also easy to tow by most vehicles that have four-cylinder engines and it has a very well optimized ventilation system and protection. It’s a great choice overall if you love road trips and camping adventures.

GoLittleGuy Mypod

This micro camper is perfect for two adults that want to travel together and love camping. It’s made with lightweight materials and it weighs 760lbs. You won’t need a super-strong car to tow a micro camper of this size. It’s packed with awesome features such as an entertainment center, 12V/110 power, air conditioning, and a fan that supports 3 speeds. The company offers a 1-year base warranty and a few color options including white, black, blue, red, and silver. 

Hiker Trailers

Hiker Trailers is a company that regularly comes up with awesome custom-made micro travel trailers. Their designs are simple yet effective and most of their products are affordable. You can also customize your trailer when placing the order. You can select between 4 different standard features and pick various dimensions for the interior and exterior. Their trailers are compact and small but have enough sleeping space for two adults to be comfortable. While the base version of these trailers lacks some features, you can still pick a version with many exciting features like solar charging, air conditioning, roof racks, extra storage space, and so on.

Happier Camper

Happier Camper is another company that has fully customizable ultra-lightweight travel trailers and cargo trailers. They use innovative technology in their floorplan called ADAPTIV which allows you to customize the inside of your trailer. Because it’s ultra-lightweight and only weighs 1,100 pounds, it can easily be towed by most cars and can support a family of 5. It’s an excellent choice if you plan on taking your entire family on a camping trip because it offers quite a lot of space while still being lightweight and considered a micro trailer. 

If you’re a camping enthusiast and you love traveling across the country on a budget, getting a micro camper is the right choice for you. Most micro campers have a simple design and tend to the most basic need of having a roof over your head but some companies offer micro campers with much more space and extra amenities that would make your life on the road much more entertaining and colorful. 

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