The amount of weight each trailer dolly can move will vary from one dolly to another. The weight capacity can be found on the manufacturer’s print. The amount of weight usually starts from around 5,000 lbs and goes up to 12,000 lbs depending on which trailer dolly you use. At Trailer Valet, we have trailer dolly movers with weight-capacity that range from 5,000 lbs to 10,000 lbs.

Trailer Valet 5X

The Trailer Valet 5X is able to handle 5,000 lbs of trailer weight and 550 lbs of tongue weight. It’s excellent for moving boat trailers and small travel trailers. The 5X is very easy to use and it’s among the best in this class for the compact build and towing capacity it offers to the user. It comes with an 8” wide mounting bracket and it’s constructed with high-quality steel with a powder coat hammer finish with a warranty of 300 hours of corrosion resistance. The TV5X also has an automatic safety brake and dual 9” solid rubber tires as well as a patented drive system with high and low drive gears. There are also a few useful accessories you can get for your Trailer Valet 5X dolly such as the drill attachment which makes moving your trailer much easier. You can also purchase an additional mounting bracket in case you need one. 

Trailer Valet XL

The Trailer Valet XL can handle up to 10,000 lbs of trailer weight and 1,000 lbs of tongue weight. It’s an excellent choice for travel trailers or RVs because it makes parking your trailer and taking turns and corners much easier. Considering how much weight it can tow, the Trailer Valet XL is one of the best, most compact, strongest, and most portable trailer movers on the market. The TVXL comes with a drill attachment that can be used with an electric drill which makes moving your trailer even easier than it already is. When ordering this trailer dolly, you can select between 2 in ball and a 2-5/16 in ball or mount bracket. Just like the 5X, the XL also has an auto-break function and it has never-flat solid rubber tires that offer great traction and works best on flat surfaces or pavements. 

The Trailer Valet trailer dollies are a great purchase if you have a trailer that weighs between 5,000 and 10,000 lbs. They are highly durable and provide excellent maneuverability for your trailer on many different surfaces. Additionally, they come with a variety of accessories, including a mounting bracket that makes attaching the dolly to your trailer very easy. It also has a drill attachment that can be used with an electric-powered drill and makes moving the trailer much easier than using the cranking handle. It’s an investment that will make the entire process of parking your trailer much easier than it would be if you use a tow vehicle.

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