Trailer Backup Guide

You’ve packed up your gear and you’re ready to have fun with your family in the great outdoors. You’ve made it to your destination and you’re ready to have some fun, but one obstacle stands in your way, backing up a trailer in a tight space. When you’re on an outdoor adventure, you can’t control everything, like finding a spot that’s easy to back up a trailer into. On this adventure, the only spot you’ve found is in between two extra-wide trailers.

Don’t be afraid, we’ve got a seriously handy trailer backup guide coming at ya! This doesn’t have to be one of those “dun-dun-duuuuuun” moments. With Trailer Valet, you spend less time backing up a trailer in a tight space, and more time enjoying your day.

When you head out to have fun in the sun, the last thing you want is to waste extra time backing up a trailer into a tight space. But many times, you’ve found yourself frustrated and giving up on perfect spots. Maybe you didn’t anticipate that backing up a trailer would be that difficult? After all, you don’t need a special license or certification to do it. People are backing up their trailers all the time!

The good news is (it’s all good news), you don’t have to rely on your towing vehicle to guide your trailer into a tight spot. Trailer Valet products make backing up a trailer a lot easier than you ever imagined. When you’re backing up your trailer into a tight spot with a towing vehicle, you have to think about turning the steering wheel, adjusting the side mirrors, guiding the towing vehicle and the trailer in a straight line, and driver side and passenger side clearance, all while you worry about that tight space.

This can take many attempts and more time than you’d like to take away from your day of fun. We have some tips for backing up a trailer so you never have to be frustrated again in this trailer backup guide.

Attach Your Trailer with Ease

You’ve driven to your adventure destination and you’re ready to get to it! All that’s left to do before the fun is backing up the trailer into a tight spot.

No matter which Trailer Valet dolly you choose, attaching your trailer is quick, easy, and efficient. You don’t need to be backing up a towing vehicle several times before almost throwing in the towel from frustration. When it’s time to move you’ll be ready to go.

Whether you need a boat trailer dolly with our security bolt, the XL with our patented ball attachment, or our trailer puller with our quick-connect ball mount, you can attach your trailer in seconds and move it into a tight spot in minutes.

Lift or Power Your Trailer into Position

Once you’ve removed your trailer from the towing vehicle and attached your trailer to the Trailer Valet, you’re ready to lift your trailer or set the power drill into place with our drill adapter. Now your crank or power drill is in place, and you’re ready to be guided into the tight space.

Ask your adventure buddy to step to the side so they can help you guide the trailer into that tight spot. Pro tip! Having someone there to help you navigate your trailer into a tight space makes the backing up process go even smoother, faster, and safer.

Effortlessly Steer into the Tight Space

Now that your trailer is attached to the Trailer Valet, you’ve lifted the trailer or put the power drill in place, and your adventure buddy is ready, it’s time to start backing up the trailer so you can get to adventuring.

Using our patented cranking systems or new drill bit adapter, you can maneuver your trailer at up to a 90-degree angle making tight spots easy to navigate. You can even move the towing vehicle and trailer, or just the trailer, into that perfect camping spot between two extra-wide campers in just minutes. People will be in awe of your backing up a trailer skill!

If at any time you accidentally lose grip of the Trailer Valet, our automatic braking system locks into place so your trailer stays put. Talk about peace of mind, right? Within minutes, your adventure buddy will give you the thumbs up and you will have done the formally impossible, backing up a trailer on the first try.

You can stow or remove the trailer valet once you’ve found that sweet spot, and if you have multiple trailers, use that same unit to move them all in minutes.

Adventure is calling! Your trailer is in place thanks to this trailer backup guide, and all that’s left to do is have some serious fun.