Because when you spend a lot of time in your RV the air quality should be as fresh as the air outside (or fresher!)

You’ve set up your RV for lots of adventures to see family, friends, and the great outdoors. Whether you’re traveling long distances, or just hanging out in your favorite spot for a while, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your RV. So let’s talk about how to improve your RV indoor air quality for maximum health and relaxing.

Maybe you’re escaping the city life to greener pastures and bluer skies, but if you’re riding there with low indoor air quality and stale air, then the experience can be less than pleasant. Your RV isn’t just a mode of transportation, it’s another home, a place where you can get away to find time for yourself, or spend time with people you enjoy. You don’t want some subpar air in your RV to lessen that experience.

These tips will help you keep up the freshness inside and show you some easy ways to improve your RV indoor air quality.

  1. Eliminate Moisture: Nothing ruins air quality, or a trip, faster than an unpleasant odor caused by mold, bacteria, or mildew. Check regularly for any excess moisture, placing baking soda around your RV can help, but consider having dehumidifiers or an air scrubber to do the heavy lifting for you.
  2. Crack a window or two: Opening a window when the weather is good and the air is fresh outside can help with moisture as well. You also let some of that fresh outdoor air influence the air quality in your RV with improved air circulation.
  3. Dust regularly: Dust is a common allergen and can make indoor air quality pretty unbearable if it builds up. If you’re looking for a little instant gratification to improve your RV indoor air quality, give your RV a good dust off of all surfaces, even the walls. Then wipe with a damp cloth to polish off that dust and dirt. Those clean surfaces will look better and you will breathe better.
  4. Sanitize for freshness: Adding a sanitizing routine to your regular RV cleaning can help with ongoing air quality in your RV or mobile home. As an RV owner, you’re spending a lot of time inside your RV, so on top of air quality, you want your RV to be safe for your health. Disinfecting surfaces improves your air quality from potential viruses. Extra tip: Avoid cleaners with intense chemical components. What you spray or wipe down with is what you breathe, toxic cleaners can do more harm than good if you’re breathing in those fumes.
  5. Maintain air filters: Your air filters are in your RV to catch all the allergens and air quality foes, but if they aren’t maintained regularly they won’t do the best job. The cleaner your air filters are the better your RV’s indoor air quality. Add cleaning your air filters to your regular cleaning schedule or replace them when needed.
  6. Get indoor plants: Just as trees help us breathe outside, indoor plants can improve your RV indoor air quality. Plants help eliminate pollutants in the air and add a nice decorative touch to the inside of your RV. To avoid any plant spill, secure your plant friends before taking off on a drive.
  7. Bathe your furry friends: Pets are great companions on road trips, but not if their fur and dander are dampening the indoor air quality. To improve your indoor air quality, continue to regularly bathe and groom your pet so their odor, or excess fur, doesn’t cause an unpleasant environment or allergies.
  8. Consider an air purifier: Air purifiers do exactly what it sounds like, purify the air! When you’re in an enclosed space, air purifiers provide an extra filter to remove pollutants from your RV indoor air. Placing a small air purifier in your RV or mobile home can improve your indoor air quality immensely.

These tips on how to improve your RC indoor air quality will help your next trip, and many to come, be the pleasant and refreshing escape it was meant to be. To recap, You can use plants, air purifiers, clean filters, and non-fabric upholstery to keep your air clean. You can also maintain grooming on your furry friends, remove dust, and sanitize to clear out allergens and stale air.

Now that your indoor air quality is at maximum effort, breathe in, breathe out, and enjoy that freshness!