Moving a trailer without a truck can be a challenging task but there are a few things you can do to make sure the task goes smoothly. The most effective way to tackle the move would depend on whether you need to move your trailer a short distance or you need to take it to a campsite which is further away. So if you own a non-motorized RV and don’t have access to a truck, you should be aware of the best options for transporting it.

Trailer Valet

Non-motorized RVs may only need to be transported a short distance. Trailer Valet has a trailer dolly that enables for easy pivoting and movement of a trailer. This is very useful for RV owners who don’t have access to a truck and need to move their trailer up an incline, around a driveway, or into a tight parking spot.

The Trailer Valet 5X has a 5,000-pound trailer weight capacity and a 500-pound tongue weight capacity. It also has a compact design in its class, plus it offers versatility thanks to its built-in jack. You can also park or move your trailer into narrow spaces or driveways, as well as store it in a garage. It allows you to make slight steering changes and tricky turns while moving the trailer around. It’s very intuitive to use and you only need to follow 4 simple steps. You just need to attach the Trailer Valet to your trailer, lift the trailer up, crank and steer to move it in the desired direction. This device is also great for tight spaces because of the patented cranking system which allows you to move the trailer at 90 degree angles. Aside from being very useful in moving your trailer without a truck it has a few more features that are worth mentioning. It has a system in place that prevents your trailer from rolling away if you lose your grip of the cranking handle and you can easily store the trailer valet when it’s not in use by lifting and rotating it or you can completely remove it from the frame and store it in your garage by taking out the security bolt.  

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The remote-controlled Trailer Valet RVR trailer movers make moving a trailer around very easy. The RVR5 can tow trailers up to 5,500 pounds while the RVR9 can tow up to 9,000 pounds trailers. The top-of-the-line RVR12 is able to tow trailers up to 12,500 pounds. RVR movers make hitching and relocating your trailer easy, thanks to its heavy-duty caterpillar treads that easily move through snow and can take on many different terrains.

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Transportation Company

The simplest and safest method to transfer your RV long distances without a vehicle is to hire a transportation company. Always double-check a transportation company’s licensing before using their services. RV owners are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of their vehicles so that they may be transported over long distances. The majority of transport companies will clearly outline the procedures to follow for this process and will guarantee that all standards are completed. The likelihood of accidents and/or damage to RVs during shipment is reduced as a result of this preparation. In most cases, you won’t be able to transport your trailer with any personal belongings inside.

When it comes to moving recreational vehicles that aren’t self-propelled, there are two main ways employed by RV transport companies. A flatbed service, for example, uses huge vehicles and flatbed trailers. These trailers have the capability of hauling many RVs at once and across long distances. The other option is towing, which allows an RV to be safely loaded and transported to a location utilizing professional equipment and trucks.

The Trailer Valet Dolly Systems and RVR’s are the perfect option if you only need to move your RV a short distance. If you need to take your RV for a longer trip, you’ll have to choose another option like hiring a transport service, renting a truck or borrowing one from someone you know. 

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