Make your garage into the project oasis you deserve

No matter what condition your garage is in now, you can always reorganize your garage into the project den you’ve always wanted. The storage system of your dreams, bikes wall mounted, and room for cars when you aren’t scheming your next project.

Today, we’ve got some tips for how to reorganize your garage so you can maintain your trailer and have space for all your other skills and interests.

When you’re looking at how to reorganize your garage, it’s never a one-size-fits-all undertaking, so we’ve compiled a list of steps and ideas that can be applied to any garage situation.

How to prep your garage for optimal performance

Maybe your garage is completely organized right now and you’re just looking for some new ideas, if so that’s awesome and this tip might not be for you. Most of us get the itch to organize our garage when it’s gotten a little out of control and messy. We’ve all been there! You walk in one day and realize there is no room for activities and definitely no room for cars.

So the first step in how to reorganize your garage is to set it up for your new vision. And that includes a few more steps:

  • Start by sorting the trash or recycling that may be hanging around, Take care of that so you can get to the organization with less clutter.
  • Then, bring the family together and go through all the things that have piled up to determine what you’ll keep and what will be donated or given away.
  • Ask yourself, “Am I going to have cars in the garage or is this space going to be used for something else?” The answer to this totally changes how you can reorganize your garage. This will likely depend on where you live in the world and how cold or hot it gets.
  • Next, take a look at the space you have and see how you can use that space best from the ideas we’re going to give you below 😉
  • Set aside dedicated time so you can finish reorganizing your garage without it becoming the ongoing project you always want to get to.

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Fun and help ways to reorganize your garage

Now that you have a clean slate to start organizing, and you’re prepared for the undertaking, we can get the ideas flowing and you can see how you want to reorganize your garage.

Use all the available vertical space

Whether you’re putting your cars in the garage or not, space is limited and the floor to the ceiling wall space is super valuable real estate. You can get peg boards, overhead storage, or cabinets to use that space. Overhead storage helps with bulky items that you may have for your RV, trailer, or board adventures like kayaks, surfboards, camping gear, or bikes. Peg boards can help with storing small things, like tools you use often, in an organized way that makes them readily available. Bikes and garden tools can be wall mounted to better use that space as well.

No matter what type of storage you get for the walls and top space of your garage, they will make your space roomier and maybe even free up closet space in your home.

Bins and shelving units are your new best friends

Have a visit to your favorite big box store and go to the home storage section, what do you see? Bins, bins, bins! In all sizes, shapes, and colors. Building shelving units for bins is a great way to optimize your space in the garage and keep things accessible. Clear bins are helpful to see what you have inside, but you can also get other colors and label the outside so you don’t have to go digging around in every bin to find what you’re looking for.

You can organize sports equipment on one shelf in bins, camping gear on another, and building materials in another. The possibilities are endless and can be tailored to the garage experience you’re looking for.

Create a system that keeps your garage organized and clean

Now that you’ve cleared out what you don’t need, used the vertical space, and reorganized your garage with bins and shelving units, it’s time to find helpful ways to keep it that way.

Here are some tips to make sure your reorganized garage stays organized:

  • Make a donation bin accessible in the garage so you can make regular trips, instead of things piling up.
  • Create a drying station with cord in your garage so you can hang outdoor clothing and gear that get wet on your adventures.
  • Plan ahead for seasons so everything you need is ready to use when you want to go. In the Summer, have the winter gear stored away and switch it out for the Summer gear when it’s time to ski or snowboard.
  • Have your cleaning supplies and trash bags ready for when messes happen or you’re creating waste during a fun project. This way things don’t get out of hand after a few projects.

There you have it! Now you have some simple steps for how to reorganize your garage so you can use that space for all your projects, experiments, and adventures.