The pandemic is still keeping us locked up inside even though the year is nearly over. With all the restrictions going on it is very hard to travel and that falls hard on some people. Those who used to go on an RV trip or two in the month are suffering the most because their entire life is changed.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can still travel and enjoy your trip in your travel trailer, fifth wheel, or RV. You just have to be much more careful and make sure you are safe on the road. It is not that difficult although it requires a bit more research and planning. 


Proper Planning


Planning your route and where you will stay on your trip is the most important thing you have to do. By properly planning your route and stops, you eliminate the element of surprise along the way in case some of the campgrounds or rest stops aren’t following CDC guidelines regarding the pandemic. When you start planning, make sure you do enough research about the stops and camps you plan on visiting and make reservations where necessary.

Proper planning also includes planning where you are going to eat. You can prepare your own meals in your RV because it’s much safer. However, if you want, you can also check for restaurants along the way that are applying the COVID restrictions properly so you can order some take-out from them and have a nicely prepared meal from a clean place.


Don’t Go Too Far On Your RV Trip


Try to stay within the state limits because the restrictions are different in each state. It’s much better to go RVing somewhere close to home and not get in trouble because of not respecting the restriction laws. If you’re set on going somewhere far and you will cross state limits, familiarize yourself with the restrictions in that state as much as possible so you know what is expected of you in public.

You should also be respectful of the guidelines and rules each community has. Read up on the internet about some special requirements they might have and write them down so you don’t get into trouble over something that can be easily avoided.


Familiarize Yourself With The Guidelines In the Camp


Checking the exact guidelines of the campground where you plan on residing during your trip is very important. Make sure you know if you need to wear a mask everywhere you go or if there is a mandatory quarantine when you get to the place. This is easy to check using the website or a simple phone call. You should also learn what kind of safety precautions the campground has in place so you feel safe as well. Most campgrounds are following the CDC guidelines and they have taken great measures to ensure the safety of their visitors.


Travel With Family or Close Friends


Traveling with people you are close with and you have been in contact with for the last two weeks is safer because you will know that they do not have COVID. If you live with them it is even safer. That’s why the recommendation is to travel with your family, close friends you see every day, or roommates. If you want to travel with someone that you are not in contact that often it is important to get tested for COVID. Once everyone shows up with a negative test you can go on and have a safe COVID free trip.


Get an RV With a Toilet


If you do not own an RV and you are planning on renting one for your trip, make sure it has a toilet. It is much better for you and your entire family to have a private toilet than to use the one in the campground. It is not just better but some campgrounds have their toilets and bathrooms closed till the pandemic ends so having your own toilet is preferable. If you can, pick an RV that has a shower too so you don’t need to use the campground showers either.


Disinfect Regularly


If your RV is rented out it would most likely be already disinfected beforehand. However, it is smart to be prepared and to know how to disinfect your RV in case you are not satisfied with the cleanliness. It is also much safer to disinfect the entire living space yourself because of the COVID pandemic so you and your family can enjoy the trip without any worries.


Follow The CDC Guidelines


The CDC guidelines will keep you safe on the road if you follow them properly. Make a habit of washing your hands regularly and avoid touching your face too often. If you do not like to constantly wash your hands because the water and soap are damaging your skin, you can use a disinfectant combined with a moisturizer to keep your hands both clean and soft. You should also wear a mask over your nose and mouth and practice social distancing whenever possible. This way you lower the risk of getting COVID by a substantial margin.


If you adhere to the guidelines the CDC recommends and plan your RV trip properly you will definitely have an amazing time with your family even in the middle of the pandemic. This entire year has been somewhat difficult for many RVers and we sincerely hope that the tips on how to safely travel in an RV during the pandemic restrictions will allow you to enjoy an amazing New Year’s adventure.