My husband, Jed and I just kind of got into this business by accident. We love camping and the outdoors and were beginning to start a family when we realized that a trailer would make our lives so much easier with the little ones when camping. But being a lover of all things vintage, we didn’t want to buy brand new so we sought out an older trailer that we could make our own and found a 1977 Coachman that we renovated to feel like a home on wheels rather than just a travel trailer. We enjoyed this process so much that in April 2017 we decided to start STAGECOACH Detail & Design, become a licensed RV dealer and do our best to save as many of these vintage trailers from landfills and junkyards as possible.

These days we mainly specialize in customer renovations on vintage Airstreams and other similar trailers and have a full lot at all times which is always a fantastic problem to have so the simplicity the Trailer Valet XL dolly has given us when moving these trailers around our lot has been an absolute game changer! Before the Trailer Valet XL dolly we would have to hook every trailer up to our Chevy Silverado Duramax (which isn’t a small tow vehicle) and carefully squeeze them in and out of spots with the truck. So not only is it easier to squeeze in and out of these tight parking spots now but it’s been a huge time saver as well. A huge thank you to our friends at Trailer Valet for making this possible for us!

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Katie Wiley
Stagecoach Detail & Design