Many RV owners love toy haulers because they have a lot of cargo and garage space, which allows them to transport their toys with them when they go camping. They are a far better alternative in specific scenarios than other types of RVs. If you want to bring a lot of equipment with you on your trip, your RV might get overloaded with weight which is where a toy hauler comes in to brighten your day. A micro toy hauler can easily pull everything you need and it’s essential if you wish to transport outdoor toys while also transporting a large number of passengers and baggage.

What Is A Micro Toy Hauler?

Toy haulers are a godsend for those who like to keep their toys off the road and in a secure location. The design is identical to that of a conventional fifth wheeler, with the exception that they feature an open rear to allow your four-wheeler or any other large object you wish to transport on the trip.

Toy haulers are significantly larger and more roomy than conventional RVs. Despite their huge size, most SUVs can tow them, making them an excellent travel companion.

When it comes to toy haulers, weight is a key consideration because the equipment inside typically weighs several thousand pounds. As a result, the user must consider these factors, as well as the trailer’s dry weight, in order to pull the trailer safely.

They have freshwater, microwaves, cooktops, refrigerators, TVs, entertainment centers, and everything else you’ll need to live a comfortable and easy life on the road.

There are several toy haulers on the market, and we’ve chosen six great models so that you may have the finest road trip possible.

6 Best Micro Toy Haulers

Jayco 2014 Octane Super Lite 161

With a length of about 15 feet, the Jayco Octane Super Lite 161 is an exceptionally competent toy transporter. It’s fairly small, but it’s still one of the greatest toy transporters around regardless of its size.

The garage on this toy hauler isn’t particularly huge; in fact, at 8 feet in length, it’s pretty tiny. The load capacity, on the other hand, is a massive 3,235 pounds, which is far more than you’d ever need for a vehicle of this size. You won’t have to worry about the weight of your toys or any other goods you need to bring with you thanks to the large cargo capacity. The Octane Super Lite 161 toy hauler is very great in terms of comfort and conveniences. It features a full kitchen with a double sink and a two-burner stove, as well as a nice-sized bathroom with a shower/tub and toilet. Additionally it has a foldable electric queen bed and a 5 cubic feet refrigerator.

Forest River No Boundaries NB10.6

The Forest River No Boundaries is a small and lightweight toy hauler with limited carrying capacity, so it’s not recommended for bringing large toys, but it’s a good buy if you only need to haul a motorcycle and a couple of other gears. If comfort is not your primary need and you prefer a unit that weighs less than 2,000 pounds, this toy hauler is an excellent lightweight option to consider. One of the best features is that it’s lightweight and the unloaded vehicle weight is only 1,606 pounds. However, due to its small size, this toy hauler will place some restrictions on you. It has a lot of interior storage, but it doesn’t come with a bathroom, kitchen, or living room by default. It only has a two-burner cooktop and a small outdoor kitchen with a cooler. 

KZ Escape E180TH

The KZ Escape E180 toy haulers travel trailers have a great carrying capacity, are very adaptable, affordable and are made out of very durable materials. All of these features will make your camping trip more pleasant. This toy hauler stays super light even when loaded to its maximum carrying capacity of 1,710 pounds, making it easy to pull on any route and road.

With a nine-foot-long carport, it can easily accommodate four people with two bunk beds and a couch bed. It not only has enough space for toys, but it also has a bathroom with a porcelain toilet, a kitchen, and a spacious living area.

Livin’Lite QuickSilver 7x18FK

This RV has a higher carrying capacity while also providing considerably more comfort. It is quite large, measuring 22 feet and 3 inches in length which means that you’ll have plenty of space for your toys.

Because of its size, this Livin’Lite toy hauler has a full size bathroom with a porcelain toilet, a shower cabin, a sink, a full kitchen with a large 6 cubic feet refrigerator, plenty of internal living space and a cargo area of 3,680 pounds.

The garage area in this RV isn’t too large, but that isn’t a very big deal if you are looking for comfortability and plenty of toy hauling capability. Just bear in mind that you’ll need a lot of storage room and hauling power to see everything this toy hauler option can do.

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer Line G16TH

The Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro 16TH toy hauler is ideal for RVers looking for a lightweight toy hauler with a layout that can yet hold over 2,000 pounds of baggage. This light toy hauler, which measures 18 feet and 4 inches in length and has a carrying capacity of 1,688 pounds, offers enough cargo room for your toys and equipment to make full-time RVing a breeze. The fact that you can produce more room by flipping down the sofa and bed adds to the appeal of this hauler. The G16TH is quite comfortable, thanks to its great collection of amenities and appliances, which includes a three-way refrigerator, a solar panel, furnace, inverter, wet bath system with toilet and shower, and outdoor gas grill.

Forest River XLR Micro Boost 25LRLE

The Forest River XLR Boost toy haulers make camping much more accessible to everyone. This travel trailer has the accessibility and adaptability to be just what you need for your next vacation, whether you’re just going camping for the weekend or going on an adventure. The XLR Micro Boost series include the 19LRLE, 25LRLE, 27LRLE and 29LRLE. The 25LRLE has a dry weight of 5,012 pounds and a payload capacity of 2,634 pounds which is excellent for a toy hauler. It comes with one spot for a freshwater tank, gray water tank and black water tank with capacity of 46 gallons, 38 gallons and 38 gallons respectively. The cargo capacity is around 2,772 pounds while the gross vehicle weight rating is around 7,850 pounds. This toy hauler also has a queen size bed, vinyl kitchen, a fully equipped bathroom and it can house 4 people.

Due to its capacity to fit their favorite toys, the toy hauler has achieved huge appeal among the RV owners population. Many RV fans like it because of the open and roomy atmosphere. All of these units are highly safe for transporting your belongings, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Each of them has a variety of floor styles to choose from, so pick the one that best matches your needs and you’re ready for an adventure on the open road.