Going on an RV trip is one of the best experiences in life. Living your life on the road is amazing and filled with adventurous times but it is quite different than the one we are already used to. Because it is different it requires proper planning before we venture on. Among things like checking weather conditions on your route, deciding if you want to take a travel trailer, 5th wheel, or an RV you should also pay attention to the details. One of those details is how to pack an RV refrigerator in a way that you have space for every single item you are going to need when you are on the road.

Prepare Your Fridge

One of the most important things is to start your fridge in advance so it can get to an optimal temperature to keep your food and drinks fresh as soon as you place them inside. It’s extremely easy to forget that it takes a bit of time for the fridge to become cold because at home your refrigerator is always running. If you skip this step it may lead to food spoilage especially with food items like dairy and meat that have to be kept cold all the time. It’s much better to set a reminder to do this so you can avoid any food-related inconveniences.

Plan Your Meals

Planning what you are going to eat when you are on your trip will help you organize your RV fridge and save a lot of storage space. If you are going to go on a road trip for at least one week, make sure you have the exact amount of food you will need for that week. Getting more food than you actually need will lower the air circulation in your RV refrigerator. You are going to have more in terms of food storage but the products will not get as cold as they need to be which means the chances are higher that they will go bad. The food in the fridge is kept cold by refrigerator cooling fans that circulate the air around the stacked products so if there is insufficient space between them you are losing out on cooling efficiency. 

Use Compact Plastic Containers

Whenever you have a small space and you need to organize it perfectly, storage containers are very handy. They allow you to pack your RV fridge in a way that you will always know where everything is. They are very practical but you will have to take the food out of the original packaging and make sure the containers are airtight once the food is inside them. The containers are also perfect because they are not heavy at all and they won’t be a burden to your top shelf, fridge door, or any other part of the fridge construction.

Use Mesh Bags for Fruits & Vegetables

Using mesh bags for fruits and vegetables is probably one of the most valuable pro tips you can get. They are made out of special material that keeps the food cold while making sure they are still fresh and tasty. It is also good to use mesh bags for organizing oddly shaped vegetables and fruits that wouldn’t fit in a plastic container. There are special mesh bags with holes poked in for this type of food that needs to breathe because if it doesn’t breathe, it will rot.

Use Fridge Braces

Fridge braces are awesome gadgets that will make sure your food stays in place inside the fridge when you are driving. Even if your fridge is not full and the food is not stacked close to each other, these braces keep the food in place perfectly because they attach to the bars on the shelf and prevent the product from sliding or going up and down when you hit potholes.

Use The Fridge Door Efficiently

The RV refrigerator door should be used to its maximum capacity as well but organizing it properly is very important for safety. It is paramount to make sure that the top heavy items are not on the door because the door is under a lot of pressure and it may fly open if there is too much weight on it. If you don’t want your RV kitchen to be a total mess on the first turn because of your door swinging open, you have to secure the door in place using the latches.

Take Out The Icemaker in The Freezer For More Space

The freezer in your RV fridge is an awesome feature that can keep your food from going bad for a long time. It is especially handy when you are far away, camping in the wild without any grocery stores nearby. You should use this space to the maximum to stock up on food reserves which is why we recommend that you remove the ice maker. It is much more important to have more space for food supplies than it is to have ice all the time. After all, ice isn’t crucial while having more food reserves is.

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Knowing how to pack an RV refrigerator so you can fit everything you need inside will ensure that your road trip is as convenient as possible. You will spend less time going to the grocery store for more food supplies and more time enjoying your camping grounds or the open road with your family.