It’s that time of the year again, when you should take your boat and RV out of storage and go on a road trip to the lake. But to guarantee safe traveling, you must still de-winterize both your boat and your RV. 


Refreshing Your Boat


Check the Fuel System, Hoses, Cables and Exterior

In order to de-winterize your fuel system, look for any fractures in the fuel line. Gasoline stabilizer should be added to your fuel tank during the cooler months to prevent moisture from accumulating within it.

Check all of the cables and hoses to see if they’re tight and secure.

Check the outside of the boat as part of your de-winterizing process to verify there is no damage from the elements.

Check The Engine and Flush The Water System 

This involves an oil change and a thorough inspection of the outdrive before starting the engine.

Don’t forget to replace the oil filter as well and make sure you use the right oil additive to keep your engine clean and corrosion-free. 

Use a hose connected to a water system and open all the faucets to successfully flush the water system of your RV and take out all the antifreeze you added before you placed the RV in storage. 

Prepare The Cooling System and Charge Your RV Battery

You should have emptied the cooling system before putting your boat away for the winter. This keeps the coolant line from freezing in the spring and generating problems. Check for holes and cracks in the cooling system’s hoses, and don’t forget to empty the strainer. You should also make sure the rubber impeller isn’t damaged when doing the checkups.

Throughout the winter, your RV battery has been cold and unused so a charge is needed to get it back to full power.

Inspect The Tires, Pipes, Water Pump and Propane Tanks 

Check the pressure of your tires on each of your RV’s wheels. Check the tread of the tire for any signs of wear or cracks. Also inspect the drain trap and drain plugs for any cracks. Turn on the water and let it run for a few minutes to determine if any leaks have developed. 

Turn off the outside water and make sure you’re just utilizing the water in your RV’s tank before turning on the electric pump and closing all the faucets. Allow a few minutes for the pump to reach full pressure before turning it off. Wait a few moments and listen attentively to ensure that the pump isn’t starting up again. If it doesn’t start, the pump is OK, but if it does, there is a leak that must be addressed.

If your RV runs on propane, you’ll need to take them out of storage and reinstall them on their mount.

Add Accessories to Make Your Trailer Hitching a Breeze

Once your basic de-winterizing is complete, consider adding an accessory like the Trailer Valet 5X. The year’s new must-have for travel trailer enthusiasts, the 5X is the finest pound-for-pound trailer mover in its class. Instead of driving your vehicle to your trailer, you can hitch and move almost any trailer up to 5,000 lbs to the vehicle. The 5X precision movement control allows parking and moving of trailers in tight garages or driveways. Best of all, the mover can controlled with any 18-24V compact drill – no backbreaking hand cranking necessary.

Another accessory that can make your trailer feel like new is a Trailer Valet JX jack. Avaiable in center-or side mount options, and with a wheel attachment version sold at Bass Pro and Cabelas, these jacks are a new must-have for the travel season. Just like the 5X, they can be operated with a compact drill instead of the old-fashioned hand crank. The unique internal gear material provides improved efficiency and reduced heat retention, while the protective, smooth-gliding sleeve fitting extends life bt . The Trailer Valet jacks are also equipped with a weather-resistant screen and wrinkle powder coating, which provide long-lasting protection from the elements.

De-winterizing is a very important process that will ensure your boat and RV have a very long life and function properly each camping season. Additionally, proper de-winterizing will improve your safety on the water and on the road which will allow for more carefree time with your family and friends. On top of everything adding the Trailer Valet accessories will further improve your overall experience and your adventures will be better than ever. 

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