One of the most important pieces of hardware in your RV is the battery. It’s crucial for the battery to be reliable so it can provide you with power that is essential for your RV to operate. Aside from a high quality battery you also need an RV battery box to make sure the battery is completely protected from all the elements. The battery box will also protect you and prevent you from getting shocked with a dangerous charge of electricity. 

RV batteries and RV battery boxes are easy to find and purchase but before you go and get the first ones you see, you should consider a few things to make sure you are getting the best battery and battery box for your needs.

Different Types Of Batteries

Your RV uses different types of batteries for different purposes. One battery is used to start your RV while the second type of battery is in charge of running all the amenities in your RV like lights, water, kitchen appliances, TV, and so on. The first type of battery is a 12-volt battery and these kinds of batteries are mainly used when your engine is on. The second type of battery is 6-volts and they can sustain producing power for much longer which is why they can be used even when your RV is turned off. Depending on how long you plan to camp in one place without a hook-up, you may need more 6-volt batteries so you don’t run out of power. Some people opt to get a marine battery which can do the work of both 12-volt and 6-volt batteries but most of them are not so great to use for deep cycle and they don’t last long.  

Battery Prices

The battery prices vary depending on which type of battery you need. The 12-volt batteries are priced between $20 and $100 depending on the brand. The 6-volt batteries used for the deep-cycle are priced between $30 and $170 depending on the brand of the battery.

What is an RV Battery Box?

A battery box is an essential piece of equipment that will protect your battery from the outside elements. It’s usually made of lightweight material that is corrosion resistant and provides protection from UV exposure, battery acid leaks, water, gas, and so on. Although the battery box is lightweight, the material used to make it is heavy duty and able to protect your battery against unwanted liquids. This box is essential because it protects one of the most important parts of your RV. Without it, you are constantly in danger of losing power and getting stranded in the middle of the road or a secluded camping spot. 

Battery Box Features

One of the most important features you need to check when picking an RV battery box is how many batteries it can hold. Most batteries are made to fit into any battery box but it’s always a good idea to make sure they fit before purchasing. You also need to check if your RV has a dual-purpose battery that has a unique design and requires a dual battery box. Most boxes have standard features including easy access for the cables, UV protection, resistance to acids, fluids, and oils, and exposure to cold and hot weather. Although most battery boxes have these features, it’s best if you check the box to make sure they are all available. 

Battery Boxes With Ventilation

A vented battery box is a great choice if you want to have access to your batteries inside the RV cabin. It has a unique design for ventilation featuring wall connectors and a hose to make sure the fumes are properly ventilated out of the RV. These battery boxes are more expensive in general but they are worth it because of the easy access you have to them in case you need to check your batteries inside or replace a battery. The battery box with ventilation can be installed inside your cabin which means that your batteries inside the box will be even more protected from the outside weather conditions. 

Battery Box Prices

The prices tend to vary depending on the brand of battery box you want to purchase. Most of them are relatively cheap. Some battery boxes that have great ratings on Amazon go for just $16. Some standard boxes on Amazon cost about $14 while vented boxes can start from $30. Dual battery boxes tend to cost about $90 because of the unique design. 

Your RV battery is one of the most important pieces of equipment you have with you. It’s especially valuable if you are camping without hook-ups. Running out of power in the middle of nowhere because you hit a pothole filled with water and your batteries died can be very bothersome and dangerous. At the very least it’s unpleasant and might ruin your entire camping experience. Using an RV battery box will prevent anything like this from happening to you and make sure you don’t have to worry about running out of power when you’re camped out in a secluded place in the woods enjoying a beautiful view.