Maintenance is an important part of owning an RV. RV’s require even more maintenance than SUVs, cars, and trucks. Although it’s not written in the owner’s manual, an RV is complicated to maintain because it has many systems that might fail if they aren’t checked and cleaned regularly.

Because it’s such a daunting task and some steps are easy to forget, preparing an RV maintenance tips checklist is a very wise idea. If you have a list of everything you have to inspect, there is little to no chance on missing something important. Ultimately that will save you some money on repairs and you will feel much safer on the road.

Inspect Your Roof

Inspecting your RV roof is a very good idea before you go on a trip. It’s also very important to do this at least every three months to keep your RV in tip top shape. One of the easiest ways for water to get through and do some real damage to your RV by roof seals and seams. The water damage that it can cause is enormous and as an RV owner that is the last thing you want. By regularly inspecting your roof you can spot if there’s a leak anywhere and fix it before it gets out of hand. To fix the issue you will have to use a sealant that works with the type of roof you have for maximum efficiency.

Check Battery Life

The RV battery is a very important part that needs to be maintained on a regular basis. Although, it would depend if it’s a battery that has water levels or is maintenance-free. Regardless, without it, your RV will run out of power and that is an unpleasant situation, to say the least. It’s in your best interest to keep the battery maintained and fully charged at all times. Batteries can last up to 5 years with regular and proper maintenance.

Inspect The Water and Waste System

This is pretty easy to do but people often forget to put it on their RV maintenance checklist. All you need to do to keep this system maintained is to use the proper chemicals. Some products work with all water waste systems and we recommend that you use those to regularly flush the system so the buildup doesn’t get too much to handle. If you fail to maintain this system it might clog up and stop functioning properly which will ruin your entire RV trip. You will also run out of fresh water if your water system stops working and proper maintenance is crucial so that doesn’t happen.

Check The Brakes

Brake maintenance is not just important for your safety but everyone on the road. The brakes can get very dry in the summer which might cause them to lose integrity which is why you should keep them lubricated enough at all times. You should also check if the brake lights are working on your travel trailer or RV. If your brakes aren’t as responsive as they were you should replace them before going out on the road.

Change The Oil

The oil in an RV should be changed at least once a year or once you do 3000-4000 miles. It’s much different from maintaining and changing the oil in your regular tow vehicle because you don’t use your RV as often. Not changing the oil on time may result in massive wear and tear of your engine and might lead to huge damage that would cost a lot of money.

Change The Filters

The filters in your RV also need to be changed regularly. The air, coolant, hydraulic and fuel filters should be changed each year to avoid any unwanted damage to your engine. Inspecting these filters before you go on your trip is a must if you want to keep your RV in the best shape possible.

Check The Electrical System

The electrical system is of crucial importance in your RV and you have to make sure it is running smoothly before you head out on the open road. You should also check if the electrical connection is working between your two vehicles and RV or 5th wheel. Making sure it works is not just better for your safety but also good for your RV battery because it is charging while you are driving. Another thing you should do is run your generator to make sure it works fine because you never know when you are going to need it on your trip.

Check The Wheels and Tires

Your wheels and tires should be in top shape at all times because it’s a huge safety hazard for everyone on the road. Make sure the lug nuts are tight on your wheels and tighten them before heading out. Driving around with loose lug nuts might cause your wheel to pop out while you are driving. Check the tire pressure as well and adjust it if it needs adjusting. If your tire pressure is not right, you may encounter some difficulty to control your entire vehicle which is very unsafe. Having low tire pressure may result in your vehicle spending more fuel than it needs because the tire pressure is too low. You should also check the age of your tires and make sure they aren’t worn down too hard.

Keeping your tow vehicle and RV maintained at all times will save you a lot of money in the long run and prevent any unfortunate situations. Keeping everything in check and regularly inspecting your RV for leaks will ensure you and your entire family are safe when you go out on the open road to enjoy your vacation.