RV organization is one of the most important things you need to do to make sure you have enough living space and you feel comfortable on your journey. It might seem easy but it’s one of the biggest challenges RVers face because it’s hard to fit everything into the small living space without getting super creative.

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These Easy RV organization tips will surely help you organize your RV and have plenty of space while you are on your trip.

Under RV Storage made out of PVC

One of the best RV storage solutions that we recommend to anyone is to build small storage compartments out of PVC and attach them outside under your RV. They are very useful for keeping your hoses and other tools that take up quite a lot of room if you keep them inside. In these compartments, you can keep anything that you need but it’s not very valuable and can take the harsh conditions of the outside. For full time RVers this is an amazing hack that will save precious space that you can use for something else.
Making this is budget friendly as PVC is very cheap and you can get materials in any hardware store. You need to be a bit crafty and figure out how to put it together by yourself but it is quite easy to figure out and you will have it handled in no time.

Pull-Out Spice Drawer

One of the best organization ideas is to have your spices organized properly so they don’t take up your entire counter because if they do, you won’t be able to work and prepare meals on it. Even though spices don’t take up too much space, when you have them organized you will see how much space is free and usable. It is an excellent space-saving RV kitchen compartment that will allow you to get all your spices in order and at the same time at arms reach.
These types of spice drawers can be bought in a variety of hardware stores but you can also make one for yourself if you are good with power tools. Even though they are not too expensive to get, it would be much cheaper if you are able to build one from scratch.

Insta-Hanger For Your Closet

An insta-hanger is an excellent RV organization idea because it saves up so much space inside your closets. It can extend up to 12” and only take up 1 ¼ “ when closed. It’s one of the best storage ideas to save space and organize your closets properly. Having your clothes all over the place can be frustrating and this little piece of hardware is extremely handy in travel trailer organization. Another thing you can do to organize your closet even more, is to install small command hooks inside the cabinet door and hang small items on it. That will also save a little more space.
The insta-hanger is a very cheap item and you really should not hesitate because it is essential for organizing your closets. You can also get some materials and craft them yourself but it’s not worth it because the finished product is very affordable.

Folder Organizers Inside the Cupboards

Another great RV organization idea is to take folder organizers and secure them in place on the inside of your cupboards. They are easy to secure in place using glue or screws and they don’t take too much space. They provide an excellent organizing shelf for your cleaning supplies and they are easily accessible.
Folder organizers are very cheap and you should use them in every cupboard that you need extra space in. There is no need to look for a cheaper alternative with this one because there isn’t one.

IKEA Towel Rack for Your Bathroom

RV bathrooms are usually small so organizing it properly will allow you to have more room in there while all the important items are close by. The IKEA Towel rack is perfect for this purpose. It can be installed up high near the ceiling and serve as a rack for your towels when you’re not using them. They’ll still be within your reach but they won’t take up much of your space. Granted you will have less vertical space but in our experience, that’s much better than having a crowded bathroom where you can hit yourself on every turn.
As most IKEA items, their towel rack is affordable and if you try to go for a cheaper alternative by building something similar yourself you will barely end up saving money. It’s just not worth the trouble unless you need specific dimensions and the one we recommend won’t fit in your current bathroom.

Use Any Vertical Space

RVs are awesome but the living space in most of them are not ideal which is why you have to turn to organization hacks that can help you have all the essential items you need without sacrificing a lot of space. Vertical space is often left unused and it’s one of the best storage hacks that you can benefit from. Putting up shelves everywhere will create room for putting up a lot of things that weren’t organized before. It will also take them off the already small space of the living area. You can also use up space under the cabinets by installing hanging shelves and use them as extra storage space to organize your fruit or spice rack.

Organizing your RV is a huge challenge for everyone. There are some travel trailers and 5th wheels that don’t have this issue but those are usually huge and very expensive. Most RVs have limited living space and storage. That is why it’s paramount for you to have a proper plan on how to organize your RV space. That way you can fit everything in your RV and still feel comfortable in the living quarters without having boxes of stuff crowding the area. The RV organization ideas and tips will surely help you clean up and organize your living space to a point where you will stop feeling like you are in an RV and feel like you are in a full-size home.