RVers often have trouble taking everything they need with them when they head out on a camping trip, especially if the entire family is going. That’s why we decided to write an article with a few of the best RV storage ideas which will help you prepare for your next adventure.

RV Storage Saving Ideas To Save Space

Some of the ideas on the list will be organization ideas that essentially save you space because you’ll be able to organize your stuff better. We came up with many great ideas that will help you save space but the following made the cut because we find them to be the ones we usually struggle with.

Closet Organizers

Closet organizers are definitely a must-have for your RV. It’s a huge struggle for those with a family to find enough storage space to put their wardrobe in and closet organizers are very handy for this purpose. Even if you are going on a solo road trip or going with your partner, the closet organizers will surely serve their purpose allowing you to have more space for organizing your clothes.

Portable Night Stand

Instead of having a nightstand that takes a lot of living space, a great RV organization item is a portable nightstand. With a portable nightstand, you will save space and be able to get rid of the piled up items that are usually on your nightstands like books, cell phone, chargers, and anything that you tend to have near your bed to be at arm’s length. Another amazing feature of the portable nightstand is that it can be taken anywhere with you because it’s easy to pack up and move to the living room.

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Over-The-Seat Caddies

Camping trips usually require long drives and if you’re traveling with your kids you need to provide some form of entertainment for them so they can endure the entire trip without being bored. This is where over-the-seat caddies come along. Because you need to take a lot of toys and other items with you, instead of having them all over the back seat or in your tow trailer you can organize them neatly and have everything close to your seat.

Hanging Fruit Net

One of the best organizing tips for RVers who love to have fresh fruit in their tow vehicle is a hanging fruit net. A fruit bowl is out of the question because if it’s not fixed on the table it would turn over on the first turn and you’ll be left with a fruity mess all over your travel trailer. The net on the other hand will prevent this from happening while at the same time save you space in your kitchen cabinets or kitchen counter.

Magnetic Knife Organizer

One of the best space-saving ideas is to use a magnetic strip to organize your knives. You can easily hand a bunch of knives on it and have them close by when you are cooking while at the same time, saving space when you need to store them because they can just go back on the magnet. You can also use a magnetic strip for your spice rack provided that you get metal spice containers.

Get The Right Pots and Pans for Cooking

If you’re a full-time RVer you should also consider getting a set of pots and pans that fit into each other. This way you’re saving both counter space and cabinet space because you can easily arrange the pots to fit and take only one part of the cabinet. Make sure that the set you pick is able to fit in the cabinet door and it can fully close because you don’t want them flying around when you start driving. If you don’t want to spend money on pots and pans because you already have good ones you can arrange them by building tension rods in your cabinets so they are more organized.

Cabinet Can For Garbage Disposal

Having a can for garbage disposal is essential when you’re living in a tight and limited space. You don’t want to have garbage everywhere you turn and there’s often no room for a garbage can because you are focused on having space for more important items. The perfect garbage can is one that can be stuck inside or outside a cabinet and stay on the cabinet wall. This way it’s easily accessible and if it’s inside it’s also out of your sight.

Use Under-Shelf Baskets

One of the best RV storage solutions is the under-shelf basket. It fits under any shelf and you can get more of these to hang in the kitchen, living room, and even bedroom where you have shelves. It’s a great item for making extra storage for your sauces in the kitchen or your book collection that you like to read in the living room.

Get a Shoe Organizer

One of the best storage hacks for your RV is to get a shoe organizer. You may not notice it but shoes usually take up a lot of space in your RV when they are just left on the floor. Getting a shoe organizer that can be stuck on any wall and you can stick your shoes in the pockets of it will prove to be extremely useful and one of the best storage ideas you’ve ever run into.

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Even though everyone struggles with storage when they aren’t traveling alone, there are a lot of ways you can organize your RV to be able to fit everything in it and still have enough living space to feel comfortable. We are sure that if you try our RV storage ideas you’ll be able to fit everything in your RV and still have enough space for everyone to feel comfortable. Your RV will also be well organized so you won’t have to go through everything to find what you’re looking for.