One of the most enjoyable aspects of football season is tailgating, and tailgating in an RV is the greatest way to do it. If you haven’t yet attended a sporting event while tailgating, you should give it a try because it’s one of the most enjoyable things you can do with your RV.

Here are a few RV tailgating suggestions to help you organize your next vacation and ensure that everything goes as well as possible before hitting the road.

Take Care Of The Tanks

Before you arrive, fill up your petrol and fresh water tanks. You’ll probably be using the generator a lot throughout the trip if you don’t have access to electricity.

You’ll need the air conditioner if you’re heading to an early season tailgate, especially if you’re in the South. As a result, you can very well expect the generator to operate nonstop for the duration of the weekend.

You’ll probably be operating the generator quite a bit even during colder tailgates. Using all of your electronic devices, such as televisions, to watch other games is normal during tailgating. A lot of time is spent going in and out of the RV, including opening and closing the refrigerator. The fridge will work overtime to keep your food and beverages chilled so you need a strong generator to provide enough power for that.

Remember that when your gas tank hits 1/4 full, the generator will shut down. So you’ll need at least 3/4 tank of petrol to power the generator for the whole weekend. 

You’ll probably want to shower in addition to having power because coming back to take a refreshing shower is one of the best parts about RV tailgating during those hot games.

Awning Management

Because shade is so crucial, especially in the early season, you’ll want to make extensive use of your awning. You must, however, keep an eye on the weather. An awning may be damaged by both rain and wind.

You may still use your awning if it’s raining lightly, but make sure the water doesn’t pool on the awning. If you have a manual awning, make sure it’s slanted down, with one end lower than the other. This guarantees that the water drains properly and does not cause the awning to collapse.

Electric awnings are more difficult to install since they sometimes lack a tilt feature. As a result, you’ll have to use your best judgment to decide whether to leave the awning open or retract it.

Also, before going to bed, make sure you check the weather. Many people will close their awnings before going to bed, regardless of the weather prediction, and you should do so if it is raining or windy.

Pick The Right Camping Site

To hold a fantastic tailgate party from your RV, you’ll need to be aware of some of your destination’s RV tailgating rules and restrictions. These factors can affect how many people you can invite, as well as whether or not there are any limitations on music, alcohol, or fires, and whether or not your RV will fit in a parking lot. Make sure you’re familiar with the regulations and limits for the stadium you’ll be tailgating at. Each one has somewhat different standards for tailgaters, depending on whether you’re tailgating in an RV, on a bike, or on foot. You might be shocked by the small aspects that you need to be aware of in order to avoid getting into trouble and to be as secure as possible. Also, look at maps of the RV tailgating area. Your RV intruding on their parking spot or your canopy stretching beyond the white line will irritate your neighbors. At tailgates, storage space is frequently limited, so respecting other people’s boundaries is essential to having a good time. Knowing how your RV will fit in the area provided can also help you plan how many foldable lawn chairs to bring, where to set the grill, how many people to invite, and so on.

Tailgating Gear

A few more items might be added to any RV tailgating checklist especially if you’re unsure what accessories or basics to include, or if you’re putting your rig’s contents together for the first time, here are a few ideas to help you improve your tailgating game.


There are so many various types of sporting event chairs now that choosing the appropriate one for your tailgating style might be challenging. If you tailgate regularly or your home stadium has tight RV sites in the tailgate section, a swivel stool that doesn’t take up much room is the best option.

Bug spray

If you can’t rely on the smoke from your campfire to keep the bugs at bay as you might in an RV park, it’s time to get out the bug spray. Some RV tailgaters say that wiping off camp chairs, canopies, and screens ahead of time, as well as visitors spraying themselves as required, is a must.

Sun protection

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, especially if you’ll be on the lot all day long. Mineral-based sunscreens provide a longer lasting effect and are less prone to irritate your skin. Wear a rash guard to protect your back, arms, and chest, and a customized ball cap to display your team themed support.


There’s a reason why lawn games are a part of the tailgating experience. From huge Jenga to the ever-popular cornhole, ladder ball to beer pong, there are plenty of games to choose from. You may also choose from more relaxing group activities such as cribbage or poker tournaments, charades, or Pictionary.


Without the picnic tables that most campsites provide, you’ll need to bring in all of the available surfaces to not just prepare meals, but also to serve it, set up a drinking station, and have condiments on hand, thus a portable cook station would be useful.

Fire extinguisher

Some tailgating campsites require you to have a fire extinguisher with you in your RV so you are prepared to fight any unpleasant fire that may occur because of the grilling that is going on around you.  

Cookout Menu

Approximately 93 percent of tailgaters cook their food after they get to the event since it’s half the fun. You may start arranging the food after you know the tailgating venue’s laws and restrictions. It’s crucial to know ahead of time if you’ll be allowed to use open flames, utilize charcoal or gas grills, have access to electricity hookups, or bring a generator, as these considerations might have a significant influence on the tailgating food provided.

RV Decoration

Tailgating from your RV has a number of perks, including the ability to make a bigger statement with your team decor. A motorhome flag pole with a flag of your favorite team is one of the most often used decorations. There’s a lot more you can do than just adding a flag—window paint, streamers, bunting, balloons, and car branding magnets may all help to create a sense of community.

Tailgating is a lot of fun and one of the best experiences you can have with your RV and proper planning of what you need to take with you and what to expect is crucial. Being ready for your tailgating experience will elevate it and make it much more enjoyable than it is because you’ll have everything you need with you.