When NASCAR series races are going three times a month, and the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, the Indy 500, is a few short weeks away, you know you’re in peak car season. Local club racing events and classic car shows are also happening all over the country. If you’re the participating type, you’re likely getting your trailer ready to haul your beauty to the track or a show.

Racing enthusiasts lavish care on their cars, but much more rarely think about how to make their trailer work better. Yet there is at least one accessory that can make track day or show day a lot easier: the trailer mover. Think of it as a jack with a wheel: you can not only raise and lower your trailer but also maneuver around tight spots.

Why get a trailer mover? Here are 5 reasons:

Limited Garage Space

Because your garage has to store all your tools, equipment, machinery and car supplies, along with everything else – fitting in the trailer can be a challenge. Rather than spending valuable time clearing space or rearranging piles of stuff, use a trailer mover to position your trailer into the open space. 

Easy Hitching

Align the car straight behind the hitch. Back up to bring the ball just under the receiver. Get out and check, find out you’re still several inches away, then try again. Want an easier way? Ditch the hitch aligners and bring the trailer to your car instead. Simply attach your trailer to the mover, then wheel it right up to the hitch receiver. No car movement necessary.

No hand cranking necessary

Those of us of a certain age remember what a pain hand cranking can be. Lots of cranking for a little bit of progress.  A trailer mover solves that problem by allowing operation with a compact drill instead of a hand crank. This makes moving the trailer both easier and faster than the manual way. 

Impress your friends with an RC Mover

Remember when you got your first RC racer as a kid? Recapture that feeling with a remote-controlled Trailer Valet RVR unit. All-terrain capability, weather resistance, and towing capacity up to 12,000 lbs in the top-of-the line unit, the RVR movers can both move trailers and turn heads. 


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