It’s safe to say at this point you’re yearning for some adventure, but you can’t leave your house to seize the day. The adventure is only temporarily postponed so we’ve brainstormed somethings you can do while you’re #SafeAtHome.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can still seize the day and set yourself up for your next adventure, or create a new one at home.

By now, you’re probably binged through all the Netflix shows you’ve been hearing so much about, and you’re ready for something more exciting. Social distancing is part of our daily lives, but it doesn’t have to stall our lust for the adventure in life. While you’re doing your part to stay #SafeAtHome, we have some ideas on how you can keep the adventure alive.

#SafeAtHome ideas to escape

Some moments during this time aren’t for productivity, and that’s perfectly fine. Escaping while at home can be the adventure we need to feel fulfilled and excited for what’s to come.

The internet is a great thing when it comes to escaping, and you can still see the sights and experience the wonders of the world. Right now, there is an amazing selection of virtual tours and nature shows to quench your outdoor travel thirst.

You can take a virtual tour of these amazing spots:

And if that’s not enough, Netflix and Disney+ have some serious nature show options that will let you escape into the wonderful world that is healing as we speak. (

#SafeAtHome ideas to create an indoor adventure

Adventures don’t always include traveling, some adventures are rooted in us doing something new and different with our time and for ourselves. When you’re thinking of things to do while you’re #SafeAtHome, make a list of things you’ve been wanting to do to improve your at-home life or shake it up a bit.

These things could be, but aren’t limited to:

  • Reorganizing the garage that’s been staring you in the face for months. The mess is something you’ve ignored and now is a good time to tackle the task. Reorganizing your garage will make you feel great, and can set yourself up for other fun projects.
  • Start a garden project! This is quite an adventure. Social distancing has made going out to parks, or even to get produce, a difficult task. You can bring some nature to your home, or even grow your own fruits and veggies, and enjoy a new adventure. Having a garden to tend to is a fruitful distraction, and can make staying home much more pleasant.
  • Try new recipes in the kitchen. Food is at the center of our universe now more than ever. You may have exhausted all your normal dinner dishes at this point, and adding some new flavors to the menu is an adventure for your family and taste buds. There is no shortage of online recipes, and you can find really simple ones based on the ingredients you can find in your area. Add some flavors from your dream destinations and have a kitchen adventure.

#SafeAtHome ideas to prepare for your next adventure

You’re doing your part to stay healthy and protect the health of others because you’re awesome, and also you want to take your next trip at some point. While staying safe at home, you can prepare for that next adventure and make sure everything in your RV, camper, or boat is in tip-top shape. This is an opportune time to ensure your trailer or RV is maintained and up-to-date on everything it needs to run smoothly.

You can prepare for your next adventure by:

  • Giving your trailer or camper a deep clean. You don’t always have the time to really get into the details of your RV or trailer, and this time gives you that space. Remove the upholstery, wipe down walls, windows, and surfaces, and sanitize to disinfect. You can open windows and let your camper breathe to improve the indoor air quality, or even replace fabric upholstery with leather or synthetic materials to avoid moisture buildup in the future.
  • Check your trailer maintenance. Trailers serve up massive fun, but always need to be maintained for massive safety. Right now, you can get ahead of any maintenance that would halt your next adventure. Take this time to check your safety chains, breakaway brakes, hitch, lights, and anything else on the list of maintenance areas in your manufacturer handbook.
  • Maintain your Trailer Valet! Just like your trailer or RV, your Trailer Valet dolly needs its own maintenance. While you’re addressing your trailer, check out your trailer dolly and make sure it’s functioning properly.

From the crew at Trailer Valet, we want to thank you for staying #SafeAtHome and say that if you feel like relaxing right now, you can do that too. There is no wrong way to stay safe at home, as long as you’re doing it at home!