Tools make the job easier if they’re in tip-top shape!

Let’s talk about tools! Tools are a trailer owner’s best friend. But, neglected tools aren’t going to get the trailer maintenance, or any trailer moving, done right. These tips for tool maintenance will save you in the long-run. They’ll save on things like money, time, and headaches.

You know the headaches, the ones you have the perfect tool for…unless it doesn’t work because it hasn’t been maintained or stored safely.

Not to mention the investment you’ve made in quality tools. Why not take care of them so they last longer for you and your trailer? Especially drilling tools. Pulling out a power drill to find out it doesn’t work anymore when you need to make a repair or move your trailer isn’t a spot any of us want to find ourselves in.

Your tools and your trailer have a lot of moving parts, and you want to keep those parts moving. That’s why we’re giving you some tips for tool maintenance to help protect your investments.

  1. Clean your tools: This isn’t the wildcard on this list of tips for tool maintenance. You knew this was coming! Even as little as wiping off particles and dirt from the outside with a cloth each time you use it will help prevent any clogging. The vents, however, need compressed air because cleaning them with a brush can push particles into the tool causing damage down the line.
  2. Keep it cool: Overheating isn’t good for a trailer and it isn’t good for power tools either. Maybe you’ve been overworking the power drill or working through tough material. If you feel the tool overheating, turn it off and give it a break until it cools down. This will help prevent damage to any moving parts or motors.
  3. Add fluids for function: Lubricating moving parts in your power tools helps keep function up and moving parts from corroding or chaffing. Your tool’s maintenance manual will have details on how to exactly keep it lubricated.
  4. Check your batteries: Most power tools have lithium batteries. Just like the tool itself, battery maintenance is all about watching out for excess heat. A tip for tool maintenance when it comes to batteries is to store in a climate-controlled area where temperatures don’t spike.
  5. Proper tool storage: Speaking of storage, let’s talk about the best place to keep your power tools. Store your tools in a clean, dry place to get the most time and best performance out of them. Just like your trailer, moisture can cause erosion and damage to electrical components. An extra tip for tool maintenance is to store them in a case, toolbox or cabinet when not in use to cut down on dust and particles that could build up in tools.
  6. Replace old parts: Tools are expensive, and they can last you a long time if you treat them right. Instead of buying new tools, replace old moving parts when they start malfunctioning so you can preserve the rest of the power tool. You can even replace power cords. Monitor your tool for any wear and tear and take action when you suspect something needs replacing.
  7. Sharpen drill bits and blades: When you make sure drill bits and/or saw blades are sharpened, you ease the workload for your power drill. Check the manual to make sure you’re using the right drill bit for whatever material you’re working with, and make sure parts are sharpened so the power drill doesn’t encounter its mortal enemy: heat.

That’s it! These tips for tool maintenance will help you keep your tools tip-top shape so you can maintain the use of your trailer dollies and anything that needs fixing in your RV or trailer.

The best adventure is a smooth adventure, and taking care of your tools is a crucial step in keeping your next adventure safe.