Things you need to know about storing your boat, RV, or trailer.

No matter what time of year it is, tips on storing your Boat/RV/Trailer are always needed, am I right?

There are lots of storage options available if you can’t be on the road all year long in your RV or trailer (we wish, right?). Winter is a great time to give your Boat/RV/Trailer a break from all your warmer weather adventures and protect it from the extreme winter weather conditions. But if you prefer cold weather over warm, we get that too.

These tips will help you store your Boat/RV/Trailer safely and securely until your next adventure.

Where to store your Boat/RV/Trailer.

The biggest decision in these tips on storing your Boat/RV/Trailer is where that’s actually going to happen. Maybe you have options, so let’s go through them.

  • Store at home: If you have room at home, it’s the optimal place to keep tabs on your Boat/RV/Trailer. Be sure to check your city ordinances to make sure you’re storing properly according to local laws.
  • Store on a friend or relative’s property: If you don’t have room where you are and know someone with more space, storing with them can give you peace of mind and easy access to your Boat/RV/Trailer.
  • RV Parks: If you have an RV or trailer, RV parks can be a great option with monthly rates that fit your budget.
  • Storage lots: Of course there are places you can pay to store your Boat/RV/Trailer. Take care when you choose a storage lot, check reviews to see if people have good experiences wherever you choose.

And if your Boat/RV/Trailer needs repairs, you can also take it in during the time you want to store it so you can get the most out of your time not using it.

RV storage facilities are awesome, but they are also pricey. So if you don’t have the budget to store your Boat/RV/Trailer in a facility dedicated to it, these tips on storing your Boat/RV/Trailer are going to help you store it on your own.

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How to prepare your Boat/RV/Trailer for storage

If you have space and know it’s okay to store your Boat/RV/Trailer at home, there are some steps to take to prepare your Boat/RV/Trailer for the next few weeks or months.

  • Cover vents: Moisture is enemy #1 for the inside of your Boat/RV/Trailer. If vents are left uncovered while stored, you could find yourself with a mold and smell problem. You can get vent covers that allow you to leave vents open for airflow, but also keep your Boat/RV/Trailer dry.
  • Give your Boat/RV/Trailer a wash and wax: Before storing, you’ll want to clean your Boat/RV/Trailer so it starts with a clean slate for its hibernation. This will make cleaning up after your store much smoother.
  • Check all seals: After you clean, check all the seals and seams on your Boat/RV/Trailer. Fixing any breaks or cracks could save you a lot of money if water comes through during storage.
  • Close opening for rodent and bug prevention: Bugs and rodents can have a serious party in a Boat/RV/Trailer while it’s stored. First, make sure all external openings are screened or blocked. Boat/RV/Trailer outlets will sell screens that fit vulnerable spots like the exterior fridge panel and vent and the plumbing vents.
  • Turn off all electrical usage: When it comes to tips on storing your Boat/RV/Trailer, this is a big one. You don’t want to come back to your Boat/RV/Trailer with dead batteries. First, make sure your batteries are fully charged so you’re ready to go when you get back to the open road or water. Then, turn off all electrical usage before you store. You can get a battery disconnect switch to make this easier.
  • Flush out the tanks: Depending on the temperature of where you store, it can have varied impacts on your plumbing. If there is a chance of freezing, remove all water from the water heater tank and the plumbing system to winterize your RV. If not, you can flush out those tanks and add a quarter of a tank back to avoid drying out.

Now that you’re all prepped, you can store your Boat/RV/Trailer anywhere and in any weather. The last thing to consider is getting a cover for your Boat/RV/Trailer. We highly recommend getting a cover if you want to keep your Boat/RV/Trailer as nice and safe as possible, avoid that damaging moisture, and not be exposed to the elements, whatever they may be.

Now that your Boat/RV/Trailer is cozy in its storage area with its cover and you have peace of mind, you can enjoy your off time without worry. These have been our tips on storing your Boat/RV/Trailer, now you’ll always know what to do!