Providing that you already decided to get a towable RV you still need to make a rather difficult decision whether to get a travel trailer or a 5th wheel. The most important thing you have to know before going for either one is your towing vehicle. You have to check if it has the capability of towing both travel trailers and 5th wheel trailers. Once you confirm that you have a great vehicle that has the power to tow both you can continue further with and check out both options.

We are aware that it’s not an easy decision to make especially for those who are new to camping because you don’t know what you get with both which is why we decided to take a look at both and compare the pros and cons, hoping that it will clear some things up for you and you’ll be able to make an educated decision.

Travel Trailer Pros and Cons

A travel trailer is an excellent option if you don’t have a truck that can tow larger and heavier 5th wheels. Usually, they are much lighter and you’ll be able to pull them with an SUV. Travel trailers are smaller and lighter which has both good and bad sides. The fact they are smaller means you’ll have less living space although some travel trailers have built-in extensions they are not quite as big as some 5th wheel trailers. Another good thing about travel trailers is that they tend to be cheaper and there are many stylish brands that look amazing. Because of their size travel trailers fit in most campgrounds which is one less thing to worry about when picking a camping location.

When we compare a travel trailer with a 5th wheel there are some downsides as well. The travel trailer is a bit harder to tow because it has a different hitch point. High winds will make it even harder and you’ll have a bit smaller turning radius which makes it more prone to RV accidents if you’re not driving carefully.

5th Wheel Pros and Cons

One of the best features of the 5th wheels is their huge living space. It’s practically an apartment that you can tow behind you with your truck. Some 5th wheel trailers are so big that you won’t even have to adjust to smaller square footage if you decide to go RVing full-time. If you’re looking to travel with the entire family and you’re more than two people, the 5th wheel will provide you with enough room for everyone. The hitch of the 5th wheel is also an advantage when compared to same-sized travel trailers because it makes it easier to drive and maneuver.

The fact that 5th wheel trailers are big is great for having a larger living space but it’s also not so great because you will have to check if the campgrounds have enough room for 5th wheels. 5th wheels are also harder on your budget both because you need a truck to tow them and because they are generally a bit more expensive.


Although 5th wheel trailers are bigger and offer much more living space, the fact that they are bigger makes it much harder to find campgrounds where they are allowed because of their size. They cost a bit more compared to travel trailers and they are heavier so you can’t pull them with an SUV. They are much better if you’re going to travel with more than 2 people because there’s much more room and it’s much more comfortable. They are also easier to tow because of the hitching point.

The travel trailer option is great if you’re on a budget and don’t want to invest in a truck. They tend to be smaller than 5th wheels which makes them ideal for 2 people. It’s much easier to find camping grounds because of the smaller size. They are lighter and smaller which makes them cheaper and there are many more options for towing vehicles.

We tried our best to describe all the pros and cons of both travel trailer and 5th wheel towing options and we sincerely hope that this comparison will help you get to an educated decision about which one will be perfect for your needs.

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