For motorbike enthusiasts, having a motorbike trailer is a must, especially if you have multiple motorbikes and you want to bring them with you on certain events or outings. Motorbike trailers can carry one or more motorbikes so it is a perfect choice if you plan to bring them with you without driving them yourself.

There are also motorbikes that are not meant for long drives so if you are going somewhere far, having a motorbike trailer will offer more convenience.

Motorbike Trailers: Safety First

You also have to think about your safety since motorcycles are prone to accidents. If you are going to drive for a few hours, a lot of things can happen on the road.
If you accidentally hit someone, you will even need a motorcycle accident attorney to help you and the process is extremely daunting.

Motorbike trailers can lessen the chances of accidents on the road and you can prevent any legal issues because of these unexpected happenings.

Different Types of Motorbike Trailer

If you have an expensive motorbike, it is very important to have a motorbike trailer so you can bring it anywhere you want without damaging the exterior of the motorcycle. Before you decide to buy, you should know the different types of trailer and their benefits.

1. Open Flatbed Trailers

Open flatbed trailers are very useful if you want something more versatile since it can be used for other things like hauling. They can even be used by contractors for work. The only issue with this type of trailer is its protection since the bike is not protected from the elements that might damage your motorbike.

2. Open Rail-Type

This type of trailer is made for people with more than one bike. They are lighter weight and they usually appear like flatbeds since they don’t provide a lot of protection from chips and weather. There are rails that are made for trikes and some are foldable or semi-foldable.

3. Enclosed Trailers

This type of trailer is like a general cargo trailer and it provides amazing protection for your bikes. It is multi-purpose as well since you can put a lot of things inside, especially if you plan to switch houses. If you have this type of trailer, your motorbike is completely protected.

Can your Motorcycles Safely Pull a Trailer?

We’ve seen four-wheeled vehicles pull a motorcycle trailer, but can your motorcycle handle this safely? This is different from the trailers mentioned above because instead of putting the motorcycle inside, the motorcycle will pull the trailer instead.

You’ve probably seen a few motorcycles with a trailer at their back. This is perfect for people who prefer using motorcycles instead of cars when traveling. They can just put their personal belongings at the trailer and they can already drive anywhere they want.

Motorcycles are capable of pulling a trailer depending on the power of its engine and the weight of the trailer. If your motorcycle has a powerful engine, it can pull heavier trailers. However, if you are worried about safety, you should figure out the total capacity of your motorcycle and make sure that the trailer along with your personal items would have a lower weight.

Any motorcycle can pull a trailer, but it would depend on its total capacity. If you want to know how much weight your motorcycle can carry, you need to get the maximum weight permitted by the manufacturer, which can be found on the manual of your motorcycle. You need to get the curb weight of the motorcycle, which is the total weight of your motorcycle along with a full gas tank.

You need to subtract the curb weight of the motorcycle from the maximum weight permitted by the manufacturer to get the capacity of your motorcycle.

This is to make sure that the trailer will not bring your motorcycle down or cause accidents when you are pulling it.

How to Choose a Motorcycle Trailer?

Choosing a motorcycle trailer will depend on several factors and you have to consider them to make sure that you are not making a mistake.

1. Number of Motorbikes You Have

If you have a lot of motorcycles in your house and you want to bring it with you, you need a bigger trailer. There are trailers made for one or more motorcycles.
Before you choose, you have to consider whether you will bring all your motorcycles with you or you will only bring one when going out. Sometimes, a single trailer will do even if you have multiple motorcycles.

2. Protection

If you plan to bring your motorcycles on long trips, make sure that you only look for a trailer with more protection. Enclosed trailers are better if you will bring your motorcycles to far locations. Enclosed trailers can protect your motorcycles from flying debris and other elements that may damage or scratch it
If you only want to bring it around your neighborhood, choosing the open-rail or open flatbed trailers would be sufficient. You won’t be traveling too far so there is a small chance of damaging or scratching the motorcycle.

3. Price

You have to think about the price of the trailer before you buy one, especially if you are on a tight budget. If you can’t afford an enclosed trailer, you can just opt for an open-rail or an open flatbed trailer as they are more affordable.
There are different types of motorbike trailers since there are models that can carry the motorbike and there are some that your motorbike can pull.
No matter what type of trailer you want to buy, you should always prioritize your personal needs as it would help you determine if a certain trailer is right for you or not.
You can choose a trailer where you can put all your personal belongings if you prefer driving long distances with a motorcycle.
A trailer where you can put your motorcycle, on the other hand, would be a better choice if you want to bring your motorcycles to distant places without driving them yourself.



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