Your smartphone is one of the most important, if not the number one, travel tool that you need to have with you on the road. It’s compact, easy to use, and extremely versatile.  If you’re traveling with a trailer, always on the move, a smartphone is a multi-functional tool at the palm of your hands that can help you easily adapt. From navigation to games, and everything in between, your mobile device will come in handy. These are some of the biggest reasons why your smartphone is the best travel tool to pack.

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Internet Access

You may be able to get internet access when your trailer is stationary at an RV park or campground. However, you’ll still likely want and need access to the internet when you’re on the road. Unless you have a mobile hot-spot, the only way to connect to a network is through your smartphone. Even in the most remote locations, you may still be able to get a signal.


Needless to say, if you’re driving around in an RV, you’ll need some form of navigation. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a fancy navigation system, take advantage of the maps already built into your mobile device. If you don’t like the default service, there are numerous GPS apps that you can install as well. And if you’re afraid of losing connection to the internet and your maps, you can always download them offline ahead of time. 

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Financial Management

If you’re traveling all around the country, or even internationally, you may not always have access to your bank. But by using a banking service with a mobile app, you can manage your finances from anywhere. By choosing a fee-free bank account, you can access thousands of fee-free ATMs across the country, and avoid foreign transaction charges when traveling abroad.



If you’re spending long hours in an RV and not always doing the driving, chances are you might get bored. A mobile device can provide you with any form of entertainment that you’ll need. Streaming TV shows and movies, reading e-books, playing games, and listening to music are all possible with a smartphone.



Perhaps the most obvious benefit of having a smartphone, the power to easily communicate at any time from any place, should not be underestimated. Texts and phone calls are the most straightforward way of keeping in touch with others, but there are also a number of messaging apps to choose from. When you’re traveling internationally, you may want to choose free chat apps in order to avoid service charges.



If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a professional camera, your smartphone camera should have plenty of quality to suffice. The technology has improved vastly in the last several years, giving you plenty of options to use cool features and effects on your photos. Your mobile device can be easily transformed with photography accessories like waterproof cases and selfie sticks to enhance the experience even more.


Many people are tempted to disconnect from their phones when traveling in order to achieve a more wholesome experience. However, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t take advantage of everything your smartphone has to offer. Mobile devices can be an extremely useful tool when traveling. Rather than completely turning off your phone, just start with taking a break from social media.